Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

Some Goodies...

When I was at the Quilt Festival in Birmingham I told myself that I am "allowed" to spend some money on fabrics and stuff. On my first day I was just so overwelmed by the quilts, the people and of course the massive amount of wonderful fabrics, that I could´nt buy anything. And then on the second day I said "buy something... just do it". Nothing happened, then after a while I bought a little something and as if I opened a gate, suddenly I shopped, shopped as if there was no tomorrow. Here you can see some of the beautiful fabrics I bought. I am absolutely looking forward doing something nice with them.

A wonderful bundle from Mandy by simplysolids.

An absolutely cool find: three fat quarters of Katie Jump Rope

Some cute fabrics (which are not Liberty, allthough they could be)

And two half yards of Antique Treasures (I love the vintage feel of these! I already ordered some from the same line, this will become a wonderful quilt...)

4 Kommentare:

  1. OMG, die letzten sind ja herrlich! (Die anderen sind natürlich auch gut, aber bei den Retrostoffen setzt mein Herz aus).

  2. Wenn Du antique treasures googelst findest Du recht viel. Die meisten sind im Sale...

  3. sehr schöne stoffe!!
    sie sind nicht so "bekannt".
    mir jedenfalls nicht...
    lg, birgit

  4. Hallo,

    super stoeffchen hast du dir gegoennt.
    Ich beneide dich besonderst um die unten zei.

    Herzliche gruesse und viel freude mein Verarbeiten wuenscht dir Conny