Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2015

A new quilt

I finfished a new quilttop recently.  Having made such an unusual thing made me thinking about how I start creating. The inspiration for this quiltpattern came from an abandoned couch which was dumped on these dirty streets of Berlin. 

I saw it on a grey day at my way to work. I had to take a picture because I instantly saw a quilt in this filthy old couch. A few days later my boyfriend broke up and quite surprisingly I had to a lot of me time over. I started this quilt. I didn´t think about it. 

This is what I do with quilts. I don´t think. I start I make I finish. So often I tried to mix and match the perfect fabrics together, I sat in front of my stash and tried to make the most surprising combinations, but it never happened. In fact it frustrated me and stole the fun out of creating. 

And then I noticed that this happens often in my life. In work, in love, in creativity. When I overthink things I start to question myself. I have to do things spontaniously, if I don´t it just doesn´t work. And it is no fun and I become so stressed inside, that there is no possibility for the so called flow. 
And it all comes to one thing I still can learn more: Trust. 

If I trusted myself and god (the universe or whoever) more I wouldn´t question myself all the time. I could life happily and do my thing, without worrying where it will lead me. Sometimes it works and I am getting better.

I thought about this blogpost for a few days now, but now that I write it, I am not sure if I can explain it enough, if it is understandable what I mean. If it makes sense at all. 
But then again, who cares, this is mostly a quilting blog, right? Why do I have to have the perfect philosophical and psychological ideas, advices on hand? 
Just because I think I have to.  But I don´t. This is a quilting blog. So here is the quilt top. I hope you like!  :-) I do. 

12 Kommentare:

  1. It's lovely!! Very creative! Glad you "didn't think". ;-)

  2. Wie schön wieder was von Dir zu hören, bzw. sehen!!!
    Sieht sieht gut aus!

    viele Grüße!

  3. Ich verstehe dich, ich verstehe deine Angehensweise, deine Grübelei und ich freu mich, wenn du spontan bist und dir keinen Kopf machst (!) und sowas geniales bei rauskommt. Stimmt, das ist ein Quiltblog, aber einer der von einer sehr nachdenklichen und eben nicht oberflächlichen kreativen Persönlichkeit geprägt ist! Lass dich weiter treiben und genieße das Leben. Du bist gut so wie du bist :-)

  4. I love it. thanks for sharing the inspiration and process.

  5. Der Quilt ist sehr schön und es ist die beste Art zu arbeiten, es einfach fließen zu lassen! Gratuliere!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this quilt and your process. I'm in a total overthinking mode right now and I needed to be reminded to just let it go and let it flow. Your quilt is beautiful and so are you.

  7. I am almost on my way to Berlin hoping for a great time in textile market in Spandau. I love fabric, probably more than quilts ;). I like your top. And your philosophy, as I probably think the same (or somehow the same). Trusting is the most difficult part, but it is worth the affort. Take care

  8. A lovely quilt! I particularly like your colour combo and enjoyed reading about your thoughts while creating this! Linda

  9. What an incredible quilt. Love it so much! Thanks for a great post.:)

  10. It's so much fun to get inspiration from every day life and turn it into something amazing. It looks like "not thinking" paid off on this quilt... such a nice design! Quilting blog or not, I really appreciate it when someone shares more than just I used this technique or that one... it makes it more personal.

    Viele Grüße aus Norderstedt!

  11. Que bacana saber que sua inspiração vem de lugares inesperados!
    Eu também sinto que não devo pensar muito a respeito das costuras senão as coisas não saem tão bem e não é muito divertido.
    Gostei muito dos seus trabalhos. Te convido a conhecer meu blog e minhas costuras.