Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010


I finally finished my current work and now I can start to relax...
And I am already working on a new quilt.
Since I discovered some very old vintage quilts on ebay made from feedsack fabric in the double wedding ring pattern, I wanted to make one by my own. As I found it quite hard to get feedsack fabric for a reasonable price, I found the 30ies Reproduction prints and knew that these were the ones I needed.
The Pickledish Quiltalong from Aneela is the perfect possibility for me to start with this project, because of the wonderful and easy description from her.
I already made the first arches and can´t wait to finish the whole quilt. My plan is to combine it with snow white Kona cotton.
Oh I already can see the Quilt lying on my bed...
OK I guess this will be the last post for this year.
After Christmas I am off to the mountains. I will say hello again next year.
A wonderful Christmas for you and a happy new year.

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