Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Hi There...

Lollypop Quilt Front
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... and a happy new year to you all.
I finished another quilt yesterday. I call it the Lollypop Quilt because it reminds of some sweet lollies from my childhood.
I used one (!) charmpack of punctution and I was really surprised that I could make a really cool quilt out of just one little charmpack. Ok, I had to add something else (some Kona, one yard of another punctuation fabric...) for the back.

But for the main pattern the charmpack was enough.
Today is my last day off, and after I finished this post, I will run into my studio and stipple another quilt in progress. Then there is just the pickledish quilt left to do and this really gives me a better feeling (especially when I start a new one). Over the last two weeks some awesome fabrics arrived and I can´t wait to start some other projects.
This is it for now, I hope you all have had a fantastic start of the new year!

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