Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

I had a fight with a monster

The last days I had a hard fight. There was this huge...thing...which was constantly wrapping itself around my sewing machine, my sewing table my lap and my shoulder. I nearly couldn´t handle it, but than finally, after two days with aching shoulders and sweat running down my back, about eight yards of binding and 6 episodes of "Private Practice" later, it is done! Now there is a huge smile on my face, and a huge QUILT on my bed, and I am really proud. I can tell.
It is definetely not perfect, I try not to take closer looks, but I SO love it!
And I also made three pillows to match with it. It is 10 am at the moment but I would love to crawl under my new quilt, lay my head on one of the pillow and stay in bed all day.
BUT: the sun is shining, work is calling and so I have to wait until tonight, when I will be really tired and so happy to sleep under this one.
And all this beauty (sorry, you see I am really extremely in love) is made from just one Tula Pink "Plume" layer cake, some grey cotton and a little bit Plume Yardage for the binding.

Do you guys also get so euphoric, when you finish a piece which you really love?

17 Kommentare:

  1. Love, love, love the quilt! It looks pretty perfect to me :)

  2. WOW - super - klasse!
    Der Quilt sieht so schön aus - die Schrift gefällt mir .... (muss ich merken)
    Als ich meinen ersten großen Quilt (mit einigen Schwierigkeiten weil das Teil so groß ist) fertig hatte - Grisnen überall! Stolz wie Harry - grins!.

  3. Looks great to me to!! There is no better thing than a self made Quilt on a bed!

  4. I found your blog via flickr, this is the most perfect quilt, love it!

  5. oh, i really love it! congrats on the finish~~

  6. I get the biggest rush when finishing a quilt or project, large or small!!!! Any job finished is a job well done at my house!!

  7. Wonderful! Just love it!

  8. Fabulous!!! What size bed is that? Twin? Full?

  9. It is queen size. I guess. We don´t have these exact "bedterms" here in Germany.

  10. Wow, der Quilt ist einfach wunderschön!
    Habe mich gleich mal als Leserin eingetragen und bin schon ganz gespannt auf weiter Projekte.

    Ich kann mir gar nicht vorstellen, wie stressig so ein Riesenteil unter einer Nähmaschine sein kann...

    LG aus dem Prenzlauer Berg,

  11. I'm totally obsessed with this quilt...amazing.

  12. Stunning! I really love your quilt, you have reasons to be proud :)

  13. hi! i found your quilt on pinterest. i LOVE it so very much. do you mind me asking what pattern you used for your letters? or did you just kind of do it as you went along? thank you!

    1. Thanks! I made the pattern for the letters by myself. It was a bit fiddly, but when I once had figured t out, it was fun!