Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011


I don´t remember if I already told you that I am a fashion designer with an own shop, where I sew the clothes I sell. If not, now you know it;-)
I would like to show you how patchwork inspired my daily work recently:
Do you remember this mug rug?
Last week I needed an idea for a nice longsleeved shirt. I had this blue/white/red striped knit fabric, which somehow reminded me of sailing on a sailboat in wonderful sunny weather. And "klick" the sailboat mug rug popped back into my mind. This is what I made, I quite like it. Now the sun has to come out and I can see this shirt clearly be worn by some happy people around here.
Also the denim skirt was somehow inspired by patchwork, do you see the applique stripes? It is so much fun to see, that patchwork and quilting is not just for the fun for me, but also a good inspiration for my work, which I really need desperately sometimes! It is hard always to come up with some fancy ideas for my fashion. I can´t be creative all the time, particulary when I am exhausted...
Good to know that I found another source. So I will have a good excuse for browsing flickr for hours...? Damned;;-)

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