Samstag, 18. August 2012

Gees Bend and andalusian inspired sweaty patchwork.

I spend a few days at my parents place in Andalucia, Spain with my sister and nephew.

It is wonderful as always. Being with the family, eating wonderful food,

 picking figs, almonds, tomatoes and herbs from the trees and bushes, swimming in the little pool playing with the nephew,
  having a scrabble competition every evening while the moscito bite your feet.

 Cooking and chatting with my mom, and enjoying the sun which is shining every day.

But as some might guess already, I couldn´t help myself and bring some fabric. So this morning I searched for my mothers sewing machine, iron and board, dedusted everything (spanish dust is everywhere, if you want it or not) and here I am.
 Working on a Gees Bend inspired quilt.
  My plan is to quilt it  with some different patterns (I received the book of Angela Walters right before I left germany...). So this will be a totally improvised quilt, and I am sure I will love it.
And later when it will be finished, I will always think of the summer of 2012, when I sat on the terrace sweating like hell and working on this wonderful quilt...

3 Kommentare:

  1. Sieht ja herrlich aus,
    tolle Bilder von schönen Zeiten,
    Orten und Menschen.
    Nett Dich hier im www. mit Familie zu sehen.
    Und jetzt hast DU sogar die Sonne mit nach
    Berlin gebracht : )


  2. Wow, seht ihr euch alle ähnlich... Erhole dich weiter gut in der schönen Sonne, bis bald!

  3. Love the Gees Bend inspiration!and it still has your mark on it, I can tell with your wonderful fabric choices and how you put colours together. Very inspiring!! (Spain looks wonderful by the way)