Samstag, 1. September 2012


I am back to normal again. After some weeks of heavy holidaying I found my way back to normal life and work, or let us say, work found me.
But I enjoy. I enjoy my life extremely at the moment, which includes a new collection for autumn (at work for my fashion label), a lot of sewing and quilting and also some personal things...
Well, life is good!
Here is a little wallart, I wanted to show you. I started this paper piecing work on the Camino de Santjago. It was ment to distract me in case I was bored, but I wasn´t, so I didn´t come very far. So I took it with me to Andalucia to my parents place, and there I found some time.

When back in Berlin, I finished it and appliqued it on a matching aqua fabric and created my first ever Loop Art. I think it is a good addition to my inspiring sewing space.
I also found time  for my "Gees Bend and Andalusian Patchwork Quilt" and I am really exited about that one, but more about it later.
Until then I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

3 Kommentare:

  1. Schön ist Deine Wall-Art und auch der Blick in Dein Nähzimmer gefällt mir sehr. Super aufgeräumt! Ich bin beeindruckt!

  2. Love your wall art :) I'm working on an EPP project that basically ghas the basic shape and love how you've extended it :)