Montag, 10. Dezember 2012

A Quilt but Different

There is this guy I am seeing for a while now ( whoo whoo me dating someone..;-)), he is an american living here in berlin. Well as christmas is appearing I wanted to make him a quilt. He likes my work but of course I needed a more maleish design. And as I know he loves pendleton blankets I thought something inspired by these would be nice.
This is what I came up with. So extremely different from my other stuff, but I fell in love with the possibilities, that I am definitively going to make something in that native american style again.

 It might be a little wrinkled because it was in the washing machine for too long, maybe I should give it a little press.

And I also love the back.
  In my work as a fashion designer I often make woolen trousers and skirts. I always kept the leftovers because I wanted to use them in a quilt eventually. Here I did. I just put them together randomly and I don´t know which side I prefer. The whole quilt feels so rustic...

Even the batting is "recycled". I once ordered a fabric online for the shop without seeing it in reality, which was mostly wool and alpaca wool. But when it arrived I was shocked because it felt terribly itchy and hard. I thought after I washed it it would be better, but no, it just wasn´t that hard anymore. So I decided to use ist in the quilt. And what shall I say, I also love the feeling of that. It is quite heavy but flowy.

Now I really hope that he likes it (and that he doesn´t read my blog).
Have a wonderful week everyone. Berlin is covered in snow and I love it.

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