Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

A Finish

Happy New Year everyone!
I am a bit late. But its never too late to have good wishes, right?
I desperately waited for some sunshine in the last weeks to get some good photos, but here in Berlin the weather is grey and dirty for a while now.
I have a lot of quilttops waiting to be basted and quilted, but I somehow can´t get myself there. So I thought I wanted to have a finish - at least one. So why not making another pillow.

Nothing special, nothing oh so fancy, but I really like the easyness of it and I had to try this speedy flying geese sewing technique.

And I finally cleared up my sewing space, re-organized and already de-organized my fabric as I am working insanely on a new quilttop.
More about this another time. Until then, have a very nice day, everyone!

6 Kommentare:

  1. Your new pillow is very pretty~
    I'd love to move your sofa & accent pillows right into my house in New York, so let me know when you get tired of them, ok?
    Happy New Year~~

    1. Haha, just if I can move with them! I always wanted to visit New York again! ;-)

  2. Dir auch ein gutes, kreatives
    und gesundes Jahr 2013 : )


  3. frohes neues Jahr! Schön geworden ist es, das Kissen!

  4. WOW what a great awesome pillow Love the color transition and pattern. very nice.