Dienstag, 26. März 2013

It is a boy!!!

Huhu no worries this is a false track. No suddenly surprises or hidden secrets. I is just a nice intro to tell you about the commission baby quilts I made recently. Funnily there are just baby boys around me at the moment. Three of my friends are getting theirs very soon and there are one or two other pregnant ladies who do too.
So I was asked to make two baby quilts and here they are. One of course is a scrappy trips quilt, but this time I mixed in some solids, to get another look. I quite like the outcome, but maybe I still prefer the totally scrappy look.
The other quilt is for Simon, this little guy is on this beautiful earth for some weeks already. He definitively needs his first quilt, as it is still very winterly here in Berlin. After my last post, where I warmly welcomed spring, we had about two snowstorms and 20 cm of new snow. At least the sun is shining for a while now, so hope is still up.
For Simons quilt I used this pattern by Jeni but made it smaller using 10" squares.
I like this one a lot. And I think it makes an easy quick gift for a baby shower...
So guys this is it. No hidden projects around here. I have to admit my sewing inspiration and lust and mojo is quite icy at the moment. No willingness to start a new project. I rather go dancing and singing to forget about winter...
But life is "damned" good at the moment, so don´t worry! :-) How is yours???

2 Kommentare:

  1. The quilts are lovely! winter is getting will be over soon enough...thankfully. =)

  2. den 1. find ich toll. Wir hatten hier im Norden auch so viel Schnee. So langsam schmilzt die Sonne ihn weg.