Montag, 1. April 2013

Rock me Baby

A few months ago (nearly a year, to be exact...) I stumbled over the most ugly rocking chair you can imagine in an antique/opshop in my street. I saw this guy and somehow liked it, but couldn´t explain myself why. It had the grosest fabric, but I liked the shape. (Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture, but do you see the fabric???)

After I passed the shop and the chair a few times I understood why I liked it: It had the shape of a Mid Century Chair and just had been mislead because of the terrible fabric. Somebody must have made this huge mistake in the past to cover the chair with this. Somehow I imagine an old sweet couple, this was her chair, as I found  a crochet hook and a hair needle in it later.

Well back to the week I had found this chair. It was a time where my money situation wasn´t that good and when I asked the seller how much he wanted I was shocked. Unfortunately he knew about it being Mid Mod allthough I tried as much as I could to missguide him. I said what??? You want so much for this ugly chair? No way! And left the shop. But I came back every day, and asked him: How much is the chair today? Well after a few days it was half the price from the beginning, still a lot, but I couldn´t resist. Then it was mine.
I had the plan to upholster it with a patchworked fabric. It took me nearly a year, to finish this project. In this time this ruin of a Rocking Chair laid in my living room, with half of the fabric its inner life off. I was very close from throwing the thing away.
But then last week magic happened. I found the perfect upholstery fabric and started to sew right away.
And you know what? It was finished in two days. This was my easter project. And here it is and i love it so much!!! I can´t wait to sit in it, watch little holes in the air, drink a coffee or read a nice book in it.
I love how my good folks quilt matches the colours.
But let me tell you, upholstering a Rocking Chair is a lot of work. I had thought it was easier. But I think I am rewarded.
What did you do in your free time?
Did you have an easter project? Did you meet with family and friends? Did you enjoy your time?
And have you seen the beauty in something really ugly recently?

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  1. Hey die Arbeit hat sich aber richtig richtig gelohnt. Sieht super aus!!!

    viele Grüsse, Birgit

  2. Wow, the chair looks great! Bright and cheery!

  3. It is beautiful! I think that sometimes projects need to wait until we figure out the right way to approach them. I am visiting family and am far away from my machine, so no Easter projects this year!

    1. Thank you, yes I nearly forgot this beast over the months...

  4. Das Gestell gefällt mir. Schön schlicht. Der Originalstoff ist wohl auch nicht mein Geschmack. Ich freu mich, daß Du das Projekt jetzt abgeschlossen hast und Dich auf die Benutzung freust. Wir haben gestern besucht und heute besucht und nun ist Ostern rum. :) Heute Abend hoffe ich nähen zu können, war in der letzten Zeit in meiner wenigen Freizeit leider nicht so möglich.
    Mußte kürzlich an Dich denken. Habe eine Paper Piecing Vorlage gefunden, die etwas für Deinen Nähbereich als Dekoration wäre. :)
    Lieben Gruß!

    1. Danke Dir. Was für Paperpiecing Vorlagen für meinen Nähbereich sind das denn?

    2. eine Nähmaschine. :) Wo Du doch so ein schönes Stück da stehen hast. Ist nicht genau die gleiche Optik. Aber könnte trotzdem in dem Farbton Deiner Maschine schick aussehen. Link:

  5. Das ist ja umwerfend schön geworden;
    Viele gemütliche und
    genüssliche Stunden mit /in
    Deinem "modern art" Schaukelstuhl.

    Wir haben Freitag Sushi gerollt, zu Sonntag Möhrchenkuchen gebacken...
    Ostergeschenke gesucht und gefunden. Außerdem Braten, fast wie an Weihnachten (Klöße/Rotkohl) gegessen.

    Viele Grüße,
    schöne RestOstern

    1. Danke Hala,
      oh Euer Ostermenü hört sich sehr lecker an...!
      Bis ganz bald,

  6. very nice!! I have some chairs that need recovering but I'm too scared to try. Did you need glue or a staple gun?

  7. I love what you have done with this chair, it looks amazing! Our Easter weekend involved clearing out our daughters bedroom and putting up new furniture for her-I don't think either of us will recover from the stress of clearing a ten year olds room any time soon!

  8. Antworten auf Deine Antwort scheint nicht zu funktionieren,
    freu mich auch auf bald.
    Wohlgemute Frühlingsgrüße

  9. super aufgearbeitet, der Stuhl sieht nun echt klasse aus! Viel Spaß beim Schaukeln.. :-)