Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

Scrappy Pinwheel - A Tutorial

Hi folks,
after some of you said YES for a tutorial for the Scrappy Pinwheel block, here it is.
This is the first tutorial I ever wrote (will write). I tried one for a quilt once and failed terribly. But this block is so easy to describe, it should be possible. And further on, just because I failed once, it doesn´t have to be that way for ever. Doesn´t it? It is the same as in life in general. If you fall, you should get up and go on.

But here it is, the Scrappy Pinwheel Tutorial

What  you need for one block:
- Several scraps in different colours and shapes, some strange odd pieces are super!
- A piece of backround fabric at least 10" by 10"
- 2 pieces of paper
- pencil, paper siccors, rotary cutter, cutting mat

For your templates draw an accurate square 6 1/2" by 6 1/2". Then draw the diagonals in the square and a half line into one of the triangles. Using the line as a reference draw a curve from one point to the other.

Now that you have your two shapes, copy them onto the second piece of paper (I use my window as a gigantic light box) and add a 1/4" seam allowance around them. Now you can cut them out. Done!

Take your pile of scraps and sew them randomly together. I didn´t even think about if the colours match, but I am sure it also look very nice if you make your pinwheels monochromatic.

 Don´t think while you are sewing, just enjoy that you don´t have to be so accurate (At least this is what I do!) If you want (I didn´t) you can cut back funny pieces of seamallowances on the backside.

After you have sewn some scraps together, check if your finished piece is already big enough for the template.

If yes, give it a very proper press.

Now you can lay your template onto the fabric and cut out the shape.

Repeat these steps until you have 4 of your shapes.

Now cut 4 of the opposite shapes from your backround fabric.

Lay the backround fabric onto the scrappy piece and sew the curves together. If you are not familiar with sewing curves, here is an easy tutorial.

After you finished the curve, give your fragment a proper press.

Repeat for the other three pieces.

Now that you have your four triangles, sew them together. Good job, you are nearly there!

Trim the still quite wonky block to your desired size. I trimmed mine 7" by 7".

Finished is your Scrappy Pinwheel Block.

I hope you liked this tutorial. Enjoy sewing!

Yours Miriam

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, great way to use scraps!!!

  2. Sieht wieder sehr schön aus - und plausibel erklärt.
    viele grüsse, birgit

    1. Liebe Grüße zurück! Das Tutorial zu schreiben hat widererwarten auch großen Spaß gemacht. Da kommt bestimmt noch mal was...

  3. Fantasitsch, danke für dieses tolle Tutorial! Das werde ich gleich ausprobieren - wunderbarer Weise lenkt das von diesem besch... Wetter ab.

    1. Gern geschehen. Ja dieser Block ist ein wunderbarer um "denkfrei" vor sich hin zu nähen.

  4. Lieben Dank für deine Mühe mit dem tollen Turtorial. Nun kann es ja nur noch gelingen ....

  5. sehr schön! Das klingt nach Spaß! Werde ich mir gleich merken.

    1. Danke, ja Spaß macht das auch, vor allem ist es befriedigend die kleinsten Reste zu "verbraten".

  6. Oh danke für die Arbeit mit dem Tutorial!! Scrapps verbrauchen - das müssen wir doch alle! :)

  7. Thanks! This is so wonderful! I'm going to make one to add some cheer to my office wall.

  8. Such a lovely pattern, and I love making scrappy quilts. Just might have to put this one on a TO DO list; thanks!

  9. Wonderful idea and great job on your tutorial! I believe I just found what to do with some of the smallest scraps. :o)) .... okay, more like some of the strips then!
    Happy Quilting and hugs from Germany,

  10. Danke für das tolle Tutorial. Wird sofort morgen ausprobiert!

  11. I have heaps of scraps to use up, this will be great to do. Thanks you

  12. Love it, can't wait to make one1 Thank you for sharing!

  13. Very good tut for a very fun block. Thanks for trying again, you did just marvelous!

  14. This is awesome! I would love to quilt one of these!

  15. Thank u nice tutorial, lovely idea, seems easy after hard working showing pic