Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

A new day

Yesterday went on with more tears. But  the plan to clear up and arrange the balcony was a good plan. I even sew some pillow covers. I had a few blocks lying around for a "maybe" quilt. But they were perfect for the pillows. 
I ended the day with some very earthy food ( the leaves of fresh organic beetroots, fried with a lot of garlic and tomatoes), some ice cream, candle lights, reading some quilting books, and in the backround there was some amazing  Jazz music from a street festival that is going on in our neighborhood this weekend. 

So this day of many tears ended somehow calming, when I went to bed I was calm inside, empty of tears, no energy left to cry. Thank you so much for all your lovely and helpful comments!

Today is a new day.
I will be on my way to a lake on the other side of town soon. There I will meet friends for swing dancing, outdoors. Having coffee, dancing, chatting, maybe a little swim and very hopefully  surely smiling again.

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