Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011


I have to confess:
These wonderful fabrics out there make me sick. Sure not the fabric itself,no it is my willing to have them. And I have to say I AM WEAK! In the last months since I started quilting, reading these always inspiring blogs and browsing around on flickr I got more and more addicted. Sure I could blame these blogs, the newsletters of the quiltshops, flickr or the wonderful fabrics itself, but infact I am the only one to blame. As I said: I am weak!
Ok, there are some more little parcels with fabric to come, but I really have to try to stop this, I would like to go for a summerholiday to Ireland in Juli, and I HAVE TO safe some money for this.
Why am I writing this? I am sure you all know this problem. I hope that now, that I wrote this and all of you know that I should go to the AF (Anonymous Fabricbyers) meeting regularely, I will stand the holy cuteness allover blog-,shop-,flickr-land.
There is also a funny group on flickr which I found recently.
But because a blogpost without a photo is not a good post, here is the finished quilt I made out of leftover fabric of this one
It is not my favorite quilt, but I know that a friend of mine will be very happy with it...
I am still working on my pickledish quilt, I have 50 arches more to go...
And I started a very cut project with some Tula Pink Plume. I already love this one...Pictures coming later.
This is it for today.
I wish everybody a wonderful day. (How about inventing the NO FABRIC THURSDAY?)

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