Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

A Design Wall and a Party

I have a design wall now, I love it. With it I can see what my pickledish will look like when it is ready.
I would love to go on sewing, but I am waiting for my Kona snow ( it takes ages to ship from the US, I really have to find a shop where I can get Kona cotton for a reasonable price in Germany, any suggestions?)
Well, while I am waiting, I plan on a party on saturday. I didn´t throw a party (at home)for seven years and decided that it was about time. It is going to be a seventies party. I already bought a teal, glittery Partydress at the thriftstore, planned on some terrible seventyish food (cold platters with eggs, tinaspargarous wrapped in ham and mayonaise etc), drinks in funny colours, groovy seventies music and so on. I guess it is going to be a blast!
Maybe there will be a foto in the next post what we looked like...
Until then,
a nice weekend for you all,

2 Kommentare:

  1. Love your pickle-dish Miriam! I am getting ready to baste a pickle-dish I just finished. It is a wonderful quilt pattern. Have fun with your party preparations :)

  2. Schon mal bei der Quiltzauberei geschaut? Da gibt es eine recht große Auswahl. Schöne Sachen machst Du!