Freitag, 14. September 2012

About me putting fabric together

Sometimes there are things I really feel unconfident about, even if there might not be a reason for that. I guess most of you out there know these feelings. If it is about how to approach people, how to cook a five course dinner or in this case how to put fabrics together.
One day at the shop with my business partner I was complaining about my lack of knowlege and confidence to put fabrics together for a quilt. And she (not at all knowing anything about this quilting stuff) looked at me quite surprised and said: "You are  putting together different fabrics for your clothes designs every day, so why shouldn´t  you be able to do so with the quilting fabrics?"
I thought about that and noticed that she was right. With just one difference, I am not thinking when I put together the fabrics for the clothes. I just hold them together and look (feel) how I like the combination.
So, why couldn´t I do so quiltwise? I think my problem might be, that I see so many gorgeous outstanding projects out there, fabrics chosen so wisely. I tend to compare myself a lot to much and always think I could never ever put something so beautiful and appealing together.As soon as my head gets the control to much, its over. And this is why I often tend to use whole collections for a project.
Why am I telling you this? Because for this quilt I didn´t. I started with this lovely fabric in the middle it is from Birch and  is called Happy camping,I love the Mid mod design of it.
 Going from there I chose the other fabrics (some Anna Maria, some Denyse, some Tula, some Joel and others)  that I thought could fit colourwise. I have to say I am really pleased how that turned out. I used the one seem flying geese technique again, I really love this technique because of the 3D effect it gives. I quilted it really undramatically with straight lines. The back is a lovely fabric from Ikea and the binding is a Joel Dewberry fabric from the heirloom collection.
I think this is a lovely quilt in fall colours. I might put it in the shop, still not sure about it.
How are you dealing with colour and fabric choices for a quilt?

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  1. Huch, gibts denn keine Übersetzungshilfe? Schöner Quilt, wirklich. Schön wenn ich bloß mal alles verstehen würde...Trotzdem versuch ich es immer wieder und poliere mein Englisch auf. Schönen Gruss von Cosmee

  2. Die Gladiolen im Hintergrund
    bestärken den sonnigen Anteil
    Deines schönen Herbst-Quilts :)


  3. Ich mag deine Quilts gerade weil die Farbzusammenstellungen immer sehr gelungen sind, ich finde, du hast ein sehr gutes Farbgfühl!!! Es gibt ne Menge Leute, die benutzen auch komplette Kollektionen`, und es kommt trotzdem nix dabei raus, wegen sashing oder Kombination oder Muster etc., aber bei dir ist das immer sehr stimmig!

    Für mich sind bei einem Quilt die FARBEN immer das Wichtigste. Wenn ich irgendwo eine schöne Farbkombination oder Stimmung sehe (meistens in irgendwelchen Zeitschriften), dann suche ich mir ein paar Stoffe in diesen Farben raus(das dauert relativ lang). Danach schaue ich, welche weiteren Stoffe dazu passen oder nicht (große und kleine Prints geometrische u. organische Muster,weitere Farben etc.). Dieses ja oder nein muss ziemlich schnell passieren, dann bleibt der Kopf draußen (Tip von Kaffe Fassett).Erst zum Schluss betrachte ich mir die Auswahl und überlege welches Quiltmuster dazu passt.Das finde ich nämlich auch enorm wichtig, sogar so wichtig, dass manche Auswahl längere Zeit im Regal liegt, bevor ich ein entsprechendes Pattern gefunden habe.
    Liebe Grüße, Ulli

  4. I love this quilt, its beautiful and the colours are so on trend!

  5. I think you have a great 'knack' of putting fabrics together. That was what first appealed to me when I first came across your blog. You have a certain way of combining colours that stands out from the crowd. Don't question it!!! Go with the flow!!

  6. I know, I am always right ;)

    Dein Quilt ist wunderschön geworden!
    Nicht denken, sondern einfach nur wundervolle Dinge nähen.

    1. Haha!!! You funny thing! Thanks for encouraging me! Dito!

  7. Die Decke ist ja sowas von schön geworden, vielen Dank für die tolle Inspiration. Das Muster ist nicht all zu schwer, das müssen wir unbedingt auch mal versuchen.
    Lieben Dank und liebe Grüße Gisela

  8. I love the deep saturation of Colour in all your quilts. The blue borders on this are especially wonderful. Do you mind sharing the brand and Colour? Thanks!

    1. This is a totally no name cotton fabric which I found on the local fabric market here in Berlin... Thanks for your compliments!

  9. Funny you should say that...that you sometimes don't think you know how to put fabrics together. I think quite the opposite. I stumbled across your blog by accident and the thing I was most drawn to was that you have such an interesting eye for mixing it up. Different from the rest of the bunch out there. Keep doing what you're doing cuz it's fantastic!