Sonntag, 2. September 2012

Finally another finished quilt

Careful! This is a picture heavy Blogpost!!!
I have the feeling that I didn´t finish a quilt in ages. But two days ago i did. It is the Gees Bend inspired one which I worked on in Spain also. I told you about it here.

This one is really special, because I tried a lot of new things. First I cut and sewed totally freehanded. I didn´t bring the rotary cutter to spain and cut very old school with scissors, without measuring anything. I really wanted to have some wonky seems, which unfortunately didn´t work out so good. But I can oversee this, becuase the overall patchwork I really like.

As I already wrote and what I was itching to do back from Spain, was to use a lot of patterns from the Book "Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters". So I did recently  and I used a lot of the patterns, not all but nearly...

 I am so grateful for this book. As I had somehow lost my interest in the quilting process  over  the last few months, the book came at the right time. After trying so many new patterns I am itching to quilt the pending quilttops which want to bee finished soon. I totally can recommend this book, as I definetely took my fear away from trying new things. I cant´wait to quilt this chevronish quilt  with the allover pattern called paisley. I loved this pattern (and some others)the most.
 So here are some photos where you can see my attempts, maybe not perfect (yet ;-)) but I am quite proud. The allover look of the quilt may be a little bit uncalm, but it was more of a practicing piece. I like it, just because over all it was such  fun to make.

 I think I have to hop over to Angelas site to tell here how happy I am about her book.

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  1. Totally, completely love! This quilt has so much life and joy! I dont think it is uncalm,rather I think it has a great overall balance with bursts of color! Great job!

  2. I love everything about your quilt. The patchwork is beautiful and the I love the quilting. I have that book on my wish list and am looking forward to getting it.

  3. Super gemacht! Mir gefällt diese improvisierte Art und diese verschiedenen Quiltmuster. Großes Kino!!!

  4. Das ist so toll geworden! Das Quilten und so mit der ganze Quilt! Borgst Du mir das Buch mal?

    1. Na klar leihe ich Dir das Buch mal. Erinnere mich einfach nochmal vor einem nächsten Treffen, dann bringe ich es mit.
      Liebe Grüße,