Montag, 10. September 2012

Original Plans...

 I planned a proper Photo shoot for this new finished quilt. As today is one of the last sunny days of summer (thats what they tell us in the weatherforcast) I wanted to go to the "Tempelhofer Airport"  which is a wonderful huge park today. I planned on taking some food, something to read, the camera and the quilt. But you know what happened? Life happened. I AM TIRED! The last two days I stood on fancy art and crafts markets, I talked a lot to people who wanted (or not wanted) to by my designs. And it was really exhausting. Successful, but exhausting.
So who am I to be blamed, I ask myself. Who says I have to go out, just because it supposed to be last day of summer?
 NOBODY, but my sometimes stupid inner voice. So today I just don´t listen, or I listen to the other voice, the nice and clever one, who says: it is your day off, do whatever you want to do! So it is. I took a few really nice pictures in my backyard, and here I am blogging.
 And you know what? I have a quite sunny balkony. There I will be, reading a funny book, and as soon it hits me, I will jump to the sewing machine and will do some stitching. That is what I am supposed to do. ENJOY!
 Did I mention that I a quite excited about the quilting I did on this one? Thank you Angela Walters!

7 Kommentare:

  1. Your quilt is so lovely, you have picked such beautiful fabric combinations. You must be so pleased with the quilt. I agree with you, patchwork is supposed to be fun, your photos are gorgeous from your own yard!

  2. As you should be!...excited about your is most gorgeous! It's a beautiful quilt! Good for you to be the boss of the inner voices. LOL

  3. ein wunderschöner Quilt!!!!!
    Liebe Grüße Ulli

  4. You've sent your quilt to Angela Walters whow! All the way from Europe? How?

  5. Oh no!!! I just was inspired by her book.

    1. Of course....I should definetely buy this book...
      PS. I just came back from Berlin (on vacations_Berlin Festival 2012) and I was amazed by Tempelhof Park (exAirport). You are very lucky to have such a great place.

  6. Absolutly perfect.
    your quilts are so nice.