Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

What do you see?

What you can see here is where used to be my wonderful oh so stylish and wellworking singer sewing machine from the 60s or 70s. It is gone. Luckily not forewer. While straightlinequilting intensively it just desided that it needs a break.
The attempt to repair it myself (do you see the "tools" on the left side of the picture?) didn´t work out. And now it is at the mechanics. It will be about fifty Euro. About twice as much as I paid for it at the thriftstore (including the table). Lucky me.
Unfortunately it will take at least two weeks. Poor me.
So up to more English Paper Piecing.

3 Kommentare:

  1. Poor sewing machine... Get well soon!

  2. Youll always have EPP :) love your clothing line above your table. I have a similar arrangement over my sewing table.

  3. Oh my, hope you'll get your sewing machine back soon! I bought a similar one with a table a couple months ago for 25€... unfortunately, the capacitor broke after only two projects :( And my mechanic refuses to repair it, because the original capacitor isn't for sale anymore :( :( Old sewing machines are lovely... when they're not broken ;)