Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

Where there is a will there is a way

I am a bit desperate at the moment. I would like to finish a few project, but as I told you there is no machine in my home at the moment. Well I could patch at work, but when do I work then? So I had no other possibility to start something new. Well and as there is christmas just around the corner (WHAT???) and my best friend (who doesn´t read my blog I think), still needs a nice quilt for her couch, this will be it. I have a design in my head, but I am not totally sure yet. But in every case, it is a handsewing project. No machine-no machine project. Clear isn´t it?
 So I picked up some Anna Maria Horner fabrics and started a Diamond Hexie thing which is going to look awesome when it is done. I can´t wait until I have all six diamonds finished. Just two more. I can´t wait. I am itching. Tomorrow I will be on a arts and crafts fair here in Berlin and when in a ( unpossible) moment there are no people who want to buy cute scarfs and supercute underwear (have a look here!) I will have a few minutes to go on stitching. I love that about EEP. Always possible to take on the go.
So wish me luck for the fair tomorrow ( need money for more fabric...;-)), and have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

3 Kommentare:

  1. Bewundere dich! - was eine Geduldsarbeit.... Das wird bestimmt super aussehen. Was ich aber nicht verstehe: wie kann einer, den du so reichlich beschenkst, deinen tollen Block nicht lesen?!?

    1. Diese Freundin ist einfach mal mega busy... Ich versteh es ja auch nicht, aber in diesem Fall ist´s doch gut, dann kann ich nämlich alles zeigen...;-)

  2. Gorgeous. Looking forward to meeting you in London next July.