Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

Yippieee- it is Bloggers Quilt Festival

Amy's Creative Side
Amy is hosting her wonderful and inspiring Quilt Festival again. In the very last minute I decided to participate again, as it was so inspiring last time I did.
This year I would like to enter a quilt which has been quite special to me this year.
It is my Gees Bend and Andalusian inspired Quilt.
 It was a total experiment. When I visited my parents in Andalucia, Spain this summer, I knew I couldn´t go without some project in mind. I knew that there would be a sewing machine waiting for me, because my mother is the one who told me all about sewing. Not quilting, but garment sewing. In fact I started teaching my mom English Paper Piecing this summer, she loved it.
 Anyway- I brought some scraps and had a very impro style quilt in mind. Sweating and burning in the spanish summer sun I worked on some blocks.
 There was also another plan with the quilt I had in mind, when I would come home. I had recently bought Angela Walter´s book and was itching to try some free motion quilting with this  improvisional quilt.
 After I came home, I finished the top, basted  and prepaired everything for the quilting. I tried nearly every pattern in the book, and WOW how I enjoyed the quilting. Here you can see some closeups of the beauty.

 I really love this one and am proud to share it with you readers. I hope you like it like I do. And I just can encourage everybody to dive right in and do the free motion quilting. IT IS POSSIBLE!

Now I am off to look for all the wonderful quilts which are shown in the festival.

Some Stats of my entry (No. 568)
Quilt measurement: 45"x65"
Technique: Improv Piecing
Quilting: Freemotion quilting by me on my "Elna Quilting Queen"
Best Category: Throw Quilt; Homemachine quilted 

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