Montag, 25. April 2011

About the Double Wedding Ring Quilt

This is going to be a very personal post again. I don´t even know yet, if it is not a bit to personal. But on the other hand I have the feeling, that it is the right thing to write about it.
When I first saw a Quilt with the Double Wedding Ring pattern, I loved it, an when I found out about the name of the pattern, I knew that I wanted to make one some day. And here is why:
I am a single women in my late thirties. I have been single most of my live. I didn´t choose this purposely. It just happened. Some difficult childhood, some heartbreaking, nothing special, I guess that is what happened to many of us. Some can handle this better, some worse.
I never was somebody who would say, "I am happy with beeing alone" or "I prefer to be alone". I was, and still am, sad about that, especially because I wanted to be a mother someday. As I am getting older the clock is ticking louder and this doesn´t help at all. I tend to feel ashamed of beeing single, because a part of me sees it as a failure not to "manage" to have a constant relationship. And this is why I think that it is important to write this post, because even if I feel ashamed, this women with all these feelings is still me. I deny this part of me so often, I play this tough girl role. I can come along with this better that way.
I´ve been going to the shrink for a long time and still do and I know that it helps me to get through trauma and to get along with live. But sometimes I think,"I have done so much, I tried a lot, I worked so hard, why is there no salvation finally".I am tired! I tried a lot of things from spiritual techniques over therapy to online dating...didn´t help...
But one thing I always had:
I try to visualize all my goals, my wishes and my dreams. I ask for things. And it worked for me in the most ranges. I wished for jobs, for a particular appartement, my shop and I even visualized and got my vintage motorscooter in the exact colour I wanted. It worked for mostly everything, but not for love. Maybe it is because I want it so much, and I think about it often.
When I started to make the Double Wedding Ring Quilt and while I worked on it, I always visualized how I and the man of my heart would sleep under it, how we would cuddle under it. I can see this picture so clearly and this is the little rest of me who still believes that someday it will happen, there will be this one who I can love and who will love me back. I promise I will tell you when that happens, maybe sooner as we all think, because the Quilt wants to be used!
( Now you know why I am not going to make the "single girl" Quilt, allthough I quite like the pattern, I would always see it as a bad sign...Seems like I am a bit supersticious).
So this is my very personal story about this Double Wedding Ring Quilt.
Thanks for reading,

Samstag, 16. April 2011


This week was all about "Shop-Quilting". For my shop here in Berlin, where you can buy mainly fashion, but also some accessories and home accessories, I made some easy and cute babyquilts. For these I used a Sherbet Pips Jellyroll and a Hushabye Layer Cake. So nearly no cutting (except some binding, batting and backs), which made these quite easy to make.
I love these, and wished I was still a little, little one who would be wrapped up in one of these cosy blankets. And then take a deeeeep nap.
Well I am not, but my workday is finished soon, so I can go home and sit on my balcony in the sun, a good alternative I think...
Have a wonderful weekend!

Samstag, 9. April 2011

Life is a huge quilt!

Ok after this one I will go back to lap quilts. I will make some cute pillows, some tablerunners and mug rug. At the moment its absolutely not funny to quilt this huge double wedding ring quilt. I HAVE NO FUN! But I know that when I am done I will love it. I know it. And this is why I really just do little pieces of quilting every day. I don´t want to be annoyed by this one. Because it means a lot to me... I will tell you something about it when its done.
So be prepared for another very personal blogpost...;-)

Freitag, 1. April 2011

Bits and Pieces

I had no special plan after finishing the last quilt. Just try things, find out what pattern to use for some American Jane fabric I collected in the last months.
Well and while I was looking at a old book about log cabin my mother gave me (it sat in a damp cardboard box for a while and looks awfull) I absolutely fell for it and thought about which fabric I could use for a classical log cabin block.
I chose a flutterby jelly roll and some yardage. I cut the jelly roll strip lengthwise and have some narrow strips of 1,25" now.The finished Bock is about 10". This is what I have so far.I love it. The plan is a nice Quilt for the couch, which would be 48 blocks. That sounds much, but is definetely possible, We will see how long that takes.

On sunday there is our second "Berlin Modern Quilt Guild" Meeting and I am so looking forward seeing the crafty crowd again. Who ever is near Berlin is invited to join us. Here you can find everything you might want to know.

Am Sonntag ist unser zweites "Modern Quilt Guild" Treffen hier in Berlin. Ich freu mich schon auf diese kreative Gruppe. Wer hier in der Nähe ist, ist herzlich eingeladen dazuzustoßen. Alles genauere findet Ihr hier.