Samstag, 4. Januar 2014


Today I took a day off! With all your lovely comments and advice (thanks a lot!!!) in mind I got up early, took the train and headed to the Wannsee. I walked for three hours and then took a historical bus back to the city.
I enjoyed this day extremely. Allthough I noticed how hard it was for me not to think about what is going to be with my business. I have no answer. But for now I take it as it is. I still have one month left in the shop, thats nearly four weeks. Weeks where so much unexpected can happen.
Until then I try to stay calm and relaxed and don´t stress myself about what should be, should happen or is going to come.

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014

Lack of creativity

Happy new year to everyone!!!
I am doing fine, in case you wondered why I was absent for the past few months.
I have to say, I think I lost all my creativity. And this is not just in quilting. As some of you may know, I am a fashion designer, so being creative is my business. It is essential. Over the last months I worked extremely hard, preparing the christmas market season, which is very important for me as it brings a lot of money (if everything works out just fine). This year it was soso. Not terrible but not great either. After the sewing,sewing, doing markets, sewing and doing markets again, I got so extremely exhausted. I always told myself, when it is all over I will refresh myself and then do some exiting new things again. My partner in the shop and I decided to close our shop at the end of january. We both feel the need of more freedom. I had a shop for five years now and I think I need a break.
Now that I had some days off, I think I have to start thinking about all the new things I should start and organize and also be creative, quilt a little, think about new products and so on, but I have to say, I absolutely don´t have any ideas. And also no energy.
Well this answers it already, I guess I still need some more time off to regain energy, fun and maybe creativity will appear again (hopefully).
Does anybody of you have any tips how to regain creativity? I would be very thankful for every advice...