Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

Berlin Modern Quilt Guild

berlin modern quilt guild

As there are at least four modern quilters here in Berlin, we founded the Berlin Modern Quilt Guild. The first meeting will be on the 6th of march. If anyone wants to join, hop over to the brand new blog and see all the details.
I am really looking forward starting this. It is always fun to sew and chat with other interested and interesting people.
So hopefully see you next sunday!

Da es also mindestens vier moderne Quilter in Berlin gibt, haben wir die Modern Quilt Guild gegründet. Unser erstes Treffen wird am 6. März stattfinden. Wenn jemand mitmachen möchte, dann schaut rein beim brandneuen Blog für alle Details. Ich freu mich schon sehr. Es ist immer schön mit anderen interessanten und interessierten Leuten zu nähen und zu quatschen.
Also, hoffentlich bis zum nächsten Sonntag!

Montag, 21. Februar 2011

I Create ergo I am

I can´t help it. I always have to create something. It is not enough that I sew in my shop everyday.It is not enough that I sew one quilt after the other in my spare time. No, even when I sit back and watch some television I have to do smething creative. So I started to make another blanket. I crochet little flowery granny squares. These I also can make while sitting in the tube or waiting for the bus or, or, or...
I am somehow looking forward to the moment where I just sit somewhere and stare. Or I just close my eyes and listen to some music.
I am not sure if this behavier is healthy. But beautiful. I love my granny squares.Already 30 done, about 100 more to go...
So lets crochet.

Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

I had a fight with a monster

The last days I had a hard fight. There was this huge...thing...which was constantly wrapping itself around my sewing machine, my sewing table my lap and my shoulder. I nearly couldn´t handle it, but than finally, after two days with aching shoulders and sweat running down my back, about eight yards of binding and 6 episodes of "Private Practice" later, it is done! Now there is a huge smile on my face, and a huge QUILT on my bed, and I am really proud. I can tell.
It is definetely not perfect, I try not to take closer looks, but I SO love it!
And I also made three pillows to match with it. It is 10 am at the moment but I would love to crawl under my new quilt, lay my head on one of the pillow and stay in bed all day.
BUT: the sun is shining, work is calling and so I have to wait until tonight, when I will be really tired and so happy to sleep under this one.
And all this beauty (sorry, you see I am really extremely in love) is made from just one Tula Pink "Plume" layer cake, some grey cotton and a little bit Plume Yardage for the binding.

Do you guys also get so euphoric, when you finish a piece which you really love?

Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

Better late then never...

I finally started the "Postage Stamp Quiltalong". But I made it a little different. I didn´t want to buy some new fabrics, so I took the things I had, which were two wordplay handcut jelly rolls and one Robert Kaufmann jelly roll from different colours (i don´t remember the exact name...)So this will have a very scrappy look. I somehow tried to sort the colourgroups together which didn´t work out exactely, but I think as soon as I start to assemble the blocks and later the rows and then the whole quilt it will look just fine. Its a good feeling for me to use the stuff I already have and to see, that I just didn´t buy it to look at it. I already know whom I giving this quilt when its done, but this is another story....
Take care and have a nice day!

Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011


I don´t remember if I already told you that I am a fashion designer with an own shop, where I sew the clothes I sell. If not, now you know it;-)
I would like to show you how patchwork inspired my daily work recently:
Do you remember this mug rug?
Last week I needed an idea for a nice longsleeved shirt. I had this blue/white/red striped knit fabric, which somehow reminded me of sailing on a sailboat in wonderful sunny weather. And "klick" the sailboat mug rug popped back into my mind. This is what I made, I quite like it. Now the sun has to come out and I can see this shirt clearly be worn by some happy people around here.
Also the denim skirt was somehow inspired by patchwork, do you see the applique stripes? It is so much fun to see, that patchwork and quilting is not just for the fun for me, but also a good inspiration for my work, which I really need desperately sometimes! It is hard always to come up with some fancy ideas for my fashion. I can´t be creative all the time, particulary when I am exhausted...
Good to know that I found another source. So I will have a good excuse for browsing flickr for hours...? Damned;;-)