Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

A Design Wall and a Party

I have a design wall now, I love it. With it I can see what my pickledish will look like when it is ready.
I would love to go on sewing, but I am waiting for my Kona snow ( it takes ages to ship from the US, I really have to find a shop where I can get Kona cotton for a reasonable price in Germany, any suggestions?)
Well, while I am waiting, I plan on a party on saturday. I didn´t throw a party (at home)for seven years and decided that it was about time. It is going to be a seventies party. I already bought a teal, glittery Partydress at the thriftstore, planned on some terrible seventyish food (cold platters with eggs, tinaspargarous wrapped in ham and mayonaise etc), drinks in funny colours, groovy seventies music and so on. I guess it is going to be a blast!
Maybe there will be a foto in the next post what we looked like...
Until then,
a nice weekend for you all,

Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

Tiny packages...

I have to say, when I met Julia last Sunday and she told me, that she irons her scraps, I had a little inner smile and asked myself if this is really necessary....
But I can say now: it is!! If I ever want to use my scraps again.
Maybe not really necessary but totally helpful and even inspiring.

I felt a little bored an hour ago and was wondering what to do, so I grabbed my two scrap bags and started ironing...
Then I sorted them after colours. Well the next step would be to sort them after the size... but here I stopped. Enough alignment...
Now I have these tiny, tiny little packages and if there were´nt this, this and this project on which I am working currently, I would start a scrapbuster project. I could make another mug rug in this style for example
or some scrappy pillow covers or some cute pincushions.
Oh, so many possibilities and so less time...
What are you guys working on at the moment?

Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011


I have to confess:
These wonderful fabrics out there make me sick. Sure not the fabric itself,no it is my willing to have them. And I have to say I AM WEAK! In the last months since I started quilting, reading these always inspiring blogs and browsing around on flickr I got more and more addicted. Sure I could blame these blogs, the newsletters of the quiltshops, flickr or the wonderful fabrics itself, but infact I am the only one to blame. As I said: I am weak!
Ok, there are some more little parcels with fabric to come, but I really have to try to stop this, I would like to go for a summerholiday to Ireland in Juli, and I HAVE TO safe some money for this.
Why am I writing this? I am sure you all know this problem. I hope that now, that I wrote this and all of you know that I should go to the AF (Anonymous Fabricbyers) meeting regularely, I will stand the holy cuteness allover blog-,shop-,flickr-land.
There is also a funny group on flickr which I found recently.
But because a blogpost without a photo is not a good post, here is the finished quilt I made out of leftover fabric of this one
It is not my favorite quilt, but I know that a friend of mine will be very happy with it...
I am still working on my pickledish quilt, I have 50 arches more to go...
And I started a very cut project with some Tula Pink Plume. I already love this one...Pictures coming later.
This is it for today.
I wish everybody a wonderful day. (How about inventing the NO FABRIC THURSDAY?)

Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Hi There...

Lollypop Quilt Front
Originally uploaded by berlinquilter
... and a happy new year to you all.
I finished another quilt yesterday. I call it the Lollypop Quilt because it reminds of some sweet lollies from my childhood.
I used one (!) charmpack of punctution and I was really surprised that I could make a really cool quilt out of just one little charmpack. Ok, I had to add something else (some Kona, one yard of another punctuation fabric...) for the back.

But for the main pattern the charmpack was enough.
Today is my last day off, and after I finished this post, I will run into my studio and stipple another quilt in progress. Then there is just the pickledish quilt left to do and this really gives me a better feeling (especially when I start a new one). Over the last two weeks some awesome fabrics arrived and I can´t wait to start some other projects.
This is it for now, I hope you all have had a fantastic start of the new year!