Dienstag, 25. September 2012


Hi folks,
you might have heard of this very generous Giveaway from Freshsqueezed Fabric. You can win a fabric bundle by pinning it on pinterest and getting it repinned as often as the worth of the fabric.
I chose the wonderful madrona road bundle which you can repin here.

 Pinned Image
Please let me know that you repinned, as I can repin yours, too. What a fun Giveaway. Thank you Freshsqueezed Fabrics!!!
The complete rules you can find here!

Freitag, 14. September 2012

About me putting fabric together

Sometimes there are things I really feel unconfident about, even if there might not be a reason for that. I guess most of you out there know these feelings. If it is about how to approach people, how to cook a five course dinner or in this case how to put fabrics together.
One day at the shop with my business partner I was complaining about my lack of knowlege and confidence to put fabrics together for a quilt. And she (not at all knowing anything about this quilting stuff) looked at me quite surprised and said: "You are  putting together different fabrics for your clothes designs every day, so why shouldn´t  you be able to do so with the quilting fabrics?"
I thought about that and noticed that she was right. With just one difference, I am not thinking when I put together the fabrics for the clothes. I just hold them together and look (feel) how I like the combination.
So, why couldn´t I do so quiltwise? I think my problem might be, that I see so many gorgeous outstanding projects out there, fabrics chosen so wisely. I tend to compare myself a lot to much and always think I could never ever put something so beautiful and appealing together.As soon as my head gets the control to much, its over. And this is why I often tend to use whole collections for a project.
Why am I telling you this? Because for this quilt I didn´t. I started with this lovely fabric in the middle it is from Birch and  is called Happy camping,I love the Mid mod design of it.
 Going from there I chose the other fabrics (some Anna Maria, some Denyse, some Tula, some Joel and others)  that I thought could fit colourwise. I have to say I am really pleased how that turned out. I used the one seem flying geese technique again, I really love this technique because of the 3D effect it gives. I quilted it really undramatically with straight lines. The back is a lovely fabric from Ikea and the binding is a Joel Dewberry fabric from the heirloom collection.
I think this is a lovely quilt in fall colours. I might put it in the shop, still not sure about it.
How are you dealing with colour and fabric choices for a quilt?

Montag, 10. September 2012

Original Plans...

 I planned a proper Photo shoot for this new finished quilt. As today is one of the last sunny days of summer (thats what they tell us in the weatherforcast) I wanted to go to the "Tempelhofer Airport"  which is a wonderful huge park today. I planned on taking some food, something to read, the camera and the quilt. But you know what happened? Life happened. I AM TIRED! The last two days I stood on fancy art and crafts markets, I talked a lot to people who wanted (or not wanted) to by my designs. And it was really exhausting. Successful, but exhausting.
So who am I to be blamed, I ask myself. Who says I have to go out, just because it supposed to be last day of summer?
 NOBODY, but my sometimes stupid inner voice. So today I just don´t listen, or I listen to the other voice, the nice and clever one, who says: it is your day off, do whatever you want to do! So it is. I took a few really nice pictures in my backyard, and here I am blogging.
 And you know what? I have a quite sunny balkony. There I will be, reading a funny book, and as soon it hits me, I will jump to the sewing machine and will do some stitching. That is what I am supposed to do. ENJOY!
 Did I mention that I a quite excited about the quilting I did on this one? Thank you Angela Walters!

Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

Conatct info please!

Arada commented first on the scraps. Please send me your contact. If I don´t hear from you in the next two day, somebody else will have the chance.
I finally gave the scraps to somebody else.

Montag, 3. September 2012

Scraps to give away

I have a box of scraps here, mostly small and a little bigger ones. I give it away for the first person to comment here. Europe only please (because of the postage)!

Scraps are gone! 

Sonntag, 2. September 2012

Finally another finished quilt

Careful! This is a picture heavy Blogpost!!!
I have the feeling that I didn´t finish a quilt in ages. But two days ago i did. It is the Gees Bend inspired one which I worked on in Spain also. I told you about it here.

This one is really special, because I tried a lot of new things. First I cut and sewed totally freehanded. I didn´t bring the rotary cutter to spain and cut very old school with scissors, without measuring anything. I really wanted to have some wonky seems, which unfortunately didn´t work out so good. But I can oversee this, becuase the overall patchwork I really like.

As I already wrote and what I was itching to do back from Spain, was to use a lot of patterns from the Book "Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters". So I did recently  and I used a lot of the patterns, not all but nearly...

 I am so grateful for this book. As I had somehow lost my interest in the quilting process  over  the last few months, the book came at the right time. After trying so many new patterns I am itching to quilt the pending quilttops which want to bee finished soon. I totally can recommend this book, as I definetely took my fear away from trying new things. I cant´wait to quilt this chevronish quilt  with the allover pattern called paisley. I loved this pattern (and some others)the most.
 So here are some photos where you can see my attempts, maybe not perfect (yet ;-)) but I am quite proud. The allover look of the quilt may be a little bit uncalm, but it was more of a practicing piece. I like it, just because over all it was such  fun to make.

 I think I have to hop over to Angelas site to tell here how happy I am about her book.

Samstag, 1. September 2012


I am back to normal again. After some weeks of heavy holidaying I found my way back to normal life and work, or let us say, work found me.
But I enjoy. I enjoy my life extremely at the moment, which includes a new collection for autumn (at work for my fashion label), a lot of sewing and quilting and also some personal things...
Well, life is good!
Here is a little wallart, I wanted to show you. I started this paper piecing work on the Camino de Santjago. It was ment to distract me in case I was bored, but I wasn´t, so I didn´t come very far. So I took it with me to Andalucia to my parents place, and there I found some time.

When back in Berlin, I finished it and appliqued it on a matching aqua fabric and created my first ever Loop Art. I think it is a good addition to my inspiring sewing space.
I also found time  for my "Gees Bend and Andalusian Patchwork Quilt" and I am really exited about that one, but more about it later.
Until then I wish you all a wonderful weekend!