Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

Blogger´s Quilt Festival

I know, that you have probably seen this one before. But its Blogger´s Quilt Fetival
and I participate with my poem quilt.
I made this a few months ago, because I like any kind of art with little poems or words. I browsed the internet and found this one by the irish poet "Samuel Lover" (cool name isn´t it?).
While I was piecing the letters I noticed that I coul have been more effective with cutting the fabric, but so for the next time I know it.
It was a bit stressful to quilt this huge one, but when I finished it, I was really happy. Now this quilt is one of my favorites to be laid on my bed.
I used some grey solid cotton and a layer cake of Tula Pink´s Plume collection. I love her collections, because they are so full of phantasy and creativity.

Happy Blogger´s Quilt Festival for you all!
And a wonderful weekend!

Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

As I said:

Saturday: basting and quilting and
Sunday: binding...uh, no! Sunday: Barbecue in the park...
Thank heaven for machine binding;-)
See the finished commissioned quilt:

I hope the mother of my friend likes it.
Happy mothersday to all the mother out there!

Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

My first commissioned quilt in progress

"Hey Miriam, do you have one of your dog blankets left...?"
"Excuse me?"
"Hhhmm, I mean one of you kilts,qilts...quilts???"

Do you see how well known quilts are in Germany?
Well what my friend (he was joking by the way) wanted, is to know if he could buy a quilt for his mother. I said "Sure, do you know what you want? Colour, pattern, style?"
Again: "Hhhmm, something with red." AHA!
"When do you need it?"
"On the 12th of May..." AHA!
"Ok so something easy and fast."
So funny when guys have no idea what style their mother like and when they don´t know about the time it takes to make something....
Well here is what I came up with: A very simple patchwork just made out of 28 10`` squares from a bliss layer cake. I think it is going to be really sweet. The top and the back are already finished, Saturday basting and quilting, sunday binding... Done!
My first, very easy, quick commissioned quilt.