Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013


I am a vintage girl. I love everything vintage. My furniture at home come from times between the 20ies and today (who could live without a little ikea?).
I have a dressing table here which my mother already used as a young girl, my living room cupboard is from the 50ies, my couch from the 60ies and so on. I really love old stuff. I also love the music from the 50ies and 60ies  and I recently started old fashioned swing dancing.

 Why I am telling you that? I think one of the reasons why I love quilting so much, is because there are so many wonderful vintage quilts and quilt patterns out there.
Unfortunately we have no quilting history in my family, I wish I had something which was given from generation to generation. A lot of house moving and so throwing away things, happened in my childhood, a nasty divorce  of my parents with fights about things did the rest. There is not much "Miriam family history" left, at least not in things.
So the idea of making something that expresses me and can be given to next generations makes me happy (unless, until now, there is no next generation unfortunately...).

Oh I don´t know how to come to the point again.
I was invited to the Nancy Cabot made modern group a while ago, and so found an index of very interesting vintage quiltblock patterns which I wanted to try someday. These patterns are quite old if you combine them with wonderful modern fabrics, they look totally modern and cool.

Here is my interpretation of the chuck-a-luck block pattern which can be found here.
I really love how this quilt turned out. And what I like even more (and what I would never have guessed) is the puffyness of it, because of the less quilting.

 So this is it, another finish. And today I have some hours left to start quilting the next one. Whowho  I am getting there.

Take care and have a wonderful day!

Montag, 21. Januar 2013

A "scrap vomit" wanna be

Juhu!!! I am getting some quilts done. It really started to overwhelm  me, so I had to get some finished. Here is number one:

 The quilt who wanted to become a scrap vomit when grown up. While making it and combining the scraps I had on hand, I noticed that I don´t like it at all. The colours where lame together and there was definetely missing something. Pink.

 And in general I noticed that I start being into pink recently. The funny thing is, that I have a lot of pink fabric in my stash, but don´t use them in my quilts very often. Maybe in the future I will.
Anyway, because of the lack of colour, I cut some strips and sashed the blocks. I think this is really cute now. This babysized quilt will be in my shop, soon. No babygirls around at the moment to give it away.

I know that it is not just me having the "problem" of not finishing up my quilttops. Do you, too?
How many unfinished quilts do you have lying around?
I think here there are still 3 tops. So I better get quilting.

Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

A Very Special Swap

Aylin is hosting an awesome pillow swap. It is a swap within germany and german speaking countries only and it  is so exciting because  there are a lot new "faces" which I hadn´t seen in the community before that swap.

 I have the feeling that everybody tries her best to make the most beautiful and matching pillow for the secret partner. My partner has a bit different style then me, but I think I am on a good way.
  In fact I think I never had such a mess in my sewing space before. The pattern I chose for the pillow needs a lot of cutting and piecing and again cutting of tiny pieces. What I know now, is that I think I wouldn´t make a pillow like this for me, allthough the result is wonderful. I am just not that patient. I love me  a good chain piecing, big pieses of fabric, fast.
 But this is the wonderful thing of these swaps, that you have the possibility to chalenge yourself and learn new things.
So the top for the pillow is done, now its about the quilting but this has to wait, because there are still three quilts to be basted and quilted.

Have a wonderful rest of sunday,
...and in the back the scrappy trip blocks... obligatory.

Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

The post about me resisting

 When all these colourful beauties of scrappy trips around the world popped up all over blog- and flickrland, I said   "pfff....." I don´t need to make this I already made one!!! But then I caught myself coming back to the group more often then I wanted to. Next step was joining the group and then.... I thought, thank good I still need a belated christmas present for my mother.
 I could make a little trips quilt as a tablerunner.
It took me just a few hours and I was done. And I also could try this gorgeous quilting I wanted to try for months.
 But unfortunately my inner urge to tripalong wasn´t satisfied totally. This is why I have to admit, I finally started one myself. I didn´t take pictures of the five blocks I made yet. But I am sure I will drop some in the group pool soon. It is a really nice way to use scaps.
But so, here are some more pictures of the tableruner I made with some "antique treasures" fabrics I hoarded in my stash for a while.
I already used this line in a bee quilt which is still patiently waiting to be basted and quilted.

 I really don´t know when I will find the energy back to quilt all these quilts... But there is always a time for everything.
 Do you already tripalong?

Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

A Finish

Happy New Year everyone!
I am a bit late. But its never too late to have good wishes, right?
I desperately waited for some sunshine in the last weeks to get some good photos, but here in Berlin the weather is grey and dirty for a while now.
I have a lot of quilttops waiting to be basted and quilted, but I somehow can´t get myself there. So I thought I wanted to have a finish - at least one. So why not making another pillow.

Nothing special, nothing oh so fancy, but I really like the easyness of it and I had to try this speedy flying geese sewing technique.

And I finally cleared up my sewing space, re-organized and already de-organized my fabric as I am working insanely on a new quilttop.
More about this another time. Until then, have a very nice day, everyone!