Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

In featherbed with Anna Maria and Denyse

A (long)while ago I started this very cute quilt designed by Anna Maria Horner. While I was enthusiastic I finished all the blocks very fast. I sewed in chains, whirled through my sewing space like a hurricane. But what happened then? As soon as I had finished the blocks they sat there. And sat there for months.

 That happens to me quite often. I start very enthusiastic and shortly before it is about to put it all together, my quilting energy level for the project gets lost. I still have some projects like these in the drawer.

Well but this weekend I managed to finish the featherbed quilt. I call this quilt "In featherbed with Anna Maria and Denyse", because I used the  Flea Market Fancy fabric line of Denyse Schmidt. I really like how it turned out. First I wanted to do somy fancy and crazy free motion quilting on it, but then decided that I´d rather finish it with a stippling pattern, just to get it done.

Because I am in a creative quilting hole at the moment. I don´t know what project to start, don´t know which fabrics I want to use. I go through my stash once in a while and then I put all the fabrics I had chosen back on the shelf, because I don´t even know what pattern I want to sew.
The fact that I still have some quilts to finish might be the reason for that. The reason that I am blocked.
I hope this will change as soon as I have finished them up.

Until then I will enjoy my new quilt and will go to featherbed with Anna Maria and Denyse tonight.
Have a nice day, everybody!

Montag, 25. Februar 2013

Quilt Workshop

Ein herzliches Hallo an alle Leser aus Berlin!
Am kommenden Sonntag gebe ich mal wieder einen Workshop in Sachen Quilten. Hier könnt Ihr Genaueres darüber erfahren. Zwei Plätze haben wir noch. Bei Interesse einfach melden!
Eine schöne Woche wünscht Euch,

Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

A Christmas Present

Before Christmas I started this quilt as a present for a good friend.Unfortunately life came in the way and I couldn´t finish it in time. So now that work is a little slow I find the time to finish some quilts up.

 I wanted to do some special quilting on this one. It took me a whole day, but I like how it looks now. 
I dove into my Anna Maria Horner fabrics and chose some of my favorite. For the backround I used a red solid, to show all the dense quilting.
I used this tutorial from Missouri star quilt company for the front. I have to say I really like the tutorials, they are so easy to follow and quite inspirational.
Have a wonderful, inspirational and productive sunday.

P.S. By the way, my friend received another quilt as christmas gift.

Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

SWAP*PEN Pillow swap

I finished the pillow for my secret partner. A few minutes ago I posted the picture of it on flickr. And I can say I never have been so excited (and afraid), if my partner likes it. I absolutely have no clue why I am so nervous this time.

Ich habe das Kissen für meinen geheimen Tauschpartner fertiggestellt und vor wenigen Mintuten das Foto bei flickr geposted. Komischerweise war ich noch nie so aufgeregt und ängstlich... ob es meiner Partnerin wohl gefällt.
Anyway. To make it was a blast allthough it took ages. I was extremely inspired by the supernova quilt from Jacquie Gerings book Quilting Modern.

 Trotzdem, diese Kissen zu nähen hat riesig Spaß gemacht. Der Supernova Quilt von Jacquie Gering aus ihrem Buch Quilting Modern diente mir als Inspiration und die Anleitung für den Quilt habe ich mir auf Kissengröße "heruntergerechnet".
I think the outcome looks more like a giant rare flower than a supernova. One of the amazing things about these swaps is,that you can dive in other styles and techniques which you never would have tried, just because you think your partner could like it.

Ich finde das Ergebnis sieht eher wie ein große, seltene Blume oder wie ein Blumenwiese aus, als wie eine Supernova. Das tolle an diesen Tauschgeschichten ist, daß man neue Sachen und Stilrichtungen ausprobiert,weil man etwas machen möchte, was dem Partner gefällt.
So sei es, Euch allen einen schönen Tag!