Montag, 26. November 2012

Coloured Pavement Quilt

I think it is pretty amazing what can be done with a pattern. I mean you change the fabrics and the idea of it and it is a totally different thing. So to see here:

Do you remember the last quilt I showed you? It was inspired by  something I once fotographed...
A friend of mine (who is actually a guy from the US) said he liked the quilt a lot, but the pattern itself reminded him a little of the crooked cross. That scared me so much, that I started a survey. Fortunately most of the people I asked told me that they rather see a pinweel or a plus sign.

Anyway I really wanted to make a more colourful version, so I deceided on a neutral backround and some fun fabrics for the pinweels.
Here you can see how it looks like in this version.
I would really be interested in what you think about it. I like it, I just see a fun quilt and I really try to get that other strange idea out of my head...
The quilt is backed with a fun fabric from stoff und Stil and the binding is one of my favorite from the Botany line..

By the way I tried a new quilting pattern. It is like a drop on a string pattern inspired by the prince charming fabric with the drops.
Now I gotta go, try to finish some project for christmas... I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about.
Take care guys and have fun!

Dienstag, 6. November 2012


Finally- I finished a quilt which I was working on for a while. It is quite different from other ones I have done. And I can say I love lot. First of all I made the pattern myself.
 When I took a picture of this piece of pavement about a year ago, I knew this eventually has to be quilt pattern. And then I transformed it.
And this is the quilt I made with this inspiration.
 I used a grey a bit shiny cotton fabric with a very light pinstripe in it. Because I changed the front and back side accidentially there is also a slightly difference between in value. The patterned fabric are all some cute prints I bought in Birmingham last year at the festival of quilts.

 I think this matches perfectly.
So the all over look is quite nice I think. I will soon try it in another fabric composition.

Finally- I got back my sewing machine. I can´t wait to try and find out how perfect it sews now...

Finally- I dived into my fabrics and started to sort them. For that I still have to buy some more shelfes. For my very limited space I think the Ikea Benno CD Shelfes are perfect. Fat Quarters and half yards fit in there perfectly. This is just a start.

Finally- I got rid of the nasty cold and sinusitis I seem to have every fall, just in time to practice for our big fall Gospel Concerts in two weeks. I can´t wait. It is always such a good fun!!