Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011

Up to a new work week

As I wrote in the last post, I had some days of and I just closed my eyes for a second - the days are over.
But that doesn´t matter. I have the feeling that I got much things done and one the other side so many things happened that inspired me extremely for the upcoming time. There will be a big change in my life, I don´t want to write about it until it is absolutely sure, but with this in mind I can go on with my work much more happy and inspired than the last months.
I will tell you soon...

I also managed to finish some things of the list from last post:
This is the finally finished Kaleidoscope Quilt top. I absolutely love it, and it is so big, that I think I am going to go with a simpe solid fabric for the back.No more piecing. I have two blocks left, maybe these will go into one or two pillows, we´ll see.

Here you can see two blocks I made for Julia in the Bee Germany. She asked for the circle of geese block and a block of our choice. I decided on a block with the most important thing in life: LOVE

Further on I put together the blocks of my month of the bee Europa, which were inspired by a fiftiish painting by an artist I found on flickr. I won´t show it until it is finished, I need some more blocks, as it will be a curtain for my appartement door and is still not big enough.

And I made a cute little block for Ceri in the Bee Europa aswell. She asked for a block with a flower for a quilt for her daughter. I made something 3Dish as I know that little hands like to touch and feel things. I hope they both like it.
I didn´t piece my snails trail blocks. I am waiting for the last two, but I don´t mind, as there are enough other things on the worktable....
Ok thats it girls. I will spent the rest of the evening listening to the Parlotones, one of my favorite bands, their songs are melancholic but at the same time strong, that they make me happy and optimistic when I hear them...
Take Care!

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011


I am so looking forward spending the next week off the shop. Unfortunately I have to do some work also, but there will be a lot of time for creative things to do:

1. Finishing the Kaleidoscope Quilt Top
2. Catch up the summer sampler Quiltalong blocks
3. Make or finish my Juli Bee Blocks
4. Put together the Blocks of the two bees where I have been the BeeQueen
5. Quilt two already basted quilts
6. Start a new quilt

And this is just the quilting stuff I am planning on doing...;-)

Samstag, 16. Juli 2011

50 Blocks

At least I finished the blocks for the Kaleidoscope Quiltalong. And I sooo love them. I am absolutely looking forward seeing the finished quilt lying on my bed (maybe in three months...?) There is so much to do at the moment, that I do my quilting stuff in the night hours. Why is the summer always so stuffed with work? I absolutely would love to hang around with friends in the park making a barbecue and just relax. But at the moment its not possible. I really want to look after me, and give me the time I need to relax, but it is hard at the moment. The hours I sew are the only time when I can do that a little bit, but I feel how I need the sun ( my workstudio is Souterrain).
Well Maybe I shouldn´t talk about that but go out and sit in the backyard and do nothing, fill myself up with some sunlight, and hopefully be strenghtened a little bit.
I wish you a sunny weekend!!!

Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

New Quiltalong...

I know, I didn´t even finish the last one (Kaleiscope Happiness...), but already found a new one. Where I can learn a lot. I will participate in the summer sample series quiltalong. And I am really looking forward, learning some traditional blocks. I have to hop over to my fabric stacks and figure out which ones I am going to take.
See you soon, with the hands full of fabric...

Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

That´s what´s going on in berlinquilter land...

I also had a long weekend, the first for many months. I was so exhausted, I really needed some quality time for myself. It started on sunday I stayed in my pjs the whole day I even didn´t brush my teeth, what some of you might find quite disgusting, but, well i just talked to myself so nobody was hurt...;-)
I spent the day on the couch, eating (ice cream), sewing, sewing, decorating and watching "glee".
I did a lot sewing stuff done. I am really happy about finishing the quilt I made for a very good friend of mine. Her birthday was in march and so I was late but I somehow felt unsure about the quilt, as these colours are not totally my type, and i didn´t feel totally in love with the pattern I made. But when I started quilting the whole thing I found out that this was what was missing. I did straight line quilting, about 1 cm distance between the lines. It took ages, I changed directions every five seems, which made some interesting waves in the fabric pattern... After I did ad the orange binding, I really can say, this one is good! Good for my friend and good because its unique. I can say I was inspired by a quilt in Denyse Schmidts book but the results look totally different.

I also sew a lot for the kaleidoscope quiltalong. As I am making a huge version of the quilt ( because I accidentally cut too much fabric), I have triangles for 50 blocks, it took some time and concentration to decide how to put the different prints together. But now I am done and can´t wait to finish the blocks.
The coolest thing ever is that I found an old singer sewing machine from the 6os (I guess) for 30 Euro (42$) at a thrift store. I couldn´t be happier as it makes this really classical sewing machine noise and sews very fast. I have to practise a little bit. I also bought some additional things for it (which cost more than the machine itself) and now I can do really cool things.

And it is so pretty, it has this aqua colour that I do love and it inspired me to install a sewing corner in my appartement. Before that I did all my sewing in my shop. But now I have to concentrate on work more and sew just in my free time. So as you see there were a few things going on in the last days, I hope you had such a good time too.
Have a nice rest of the week.