Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014

Summer Clothes/ Sommergarderobe

Der Sommer ist da ( jedenfalls manchmal). Was für ein guter Grund sich ein paar frische Tops und Kleider zu nähen. Obwohl es gestern wie aus Eimern geschüttet hat, war ich in sonniger Stimmung und habe mir ein neues Sommertop gezaubert.

 Dafür habe ich einen Cloud9 Stoff aus der Collection Shape of spring in der Farbe petal pink verwendet. Ich mag diese lachsfarbenen und gelben Töne sehr gerne. Für das Top habe ich meinen eigenen Schnitt verwendet. In letzter Zeit habe ich des öfteren Anfragen erhalten, ob ich meine Schnittmuster auch verkaufe.
Ich bewege diese Idee schon eine Weile in meinem Herzen, jedoch bin ich auf der Suche nach einem Schnittmusterprogramm für PDF Schnitte. Kennt da jemand etwas, das für mich als jemanden der nicht besonders versiert ist mit Computern, in Frage kommt und nicht allzu teuer ist? Ich bin jederzeit offen für Empfehlungen.

Aber zurück zur Sommergarderobe. In letzter Zeit habe ich viele sehr leichte Sommerkleidchen für meinen Shop genäht und diesmal habe ich ganz bewusst eines für mich genäht. Dafür habe ich wieder einen tollen Bio Baumwollstoff von Cloud9 verwendet. Der ist so super weich und sehr schön zu verarbeiten.

Übrigens habe ich diese schönen Stöffchen von Susanne , die Cloud 9 Stoffe und andere Schätze in ihrem online shop "Quilt it Out" verkauft.

Summer is here ( at least sometimes..). A good reason to sew some fresh dresses and tops. Yesterday it was raining cats and dogs, but I felt quite sunny while working on a fresh top made out of the cloud 9 fabric called "Shape of spring".

 I used the petal pink  fabric because I love these tangerine and yellow shades. I used my own pattern. As I got many questions recently if I sell my patterns as well, I wanted to ask if somebody has a recommendation on some pattern programms for making Pdf patterns. I am not very good with computers, so I would be very grateful if somebody knows an easy and affordable program?

But back to my summer wardrobe. I use to sew some very light summer dresses for my shop recently and took the chance to make something for me. Here I used the  Cloud9 La Venta Voile.It is so incredibly soft and I loved sewing with it. It worked like a charm.

By the way I got these lovely organic fabrics from Susanne who has these phantastic fabrics in her shop   "Quilt it out".

Now it just has to get warmer again, at least today the sun is shining and I can´t wait to wear my new top for the soccer game tonight. Hey US peeps, its you against us!!! :-) Any tips? My guess is a 3-1 for germany.

Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

Fan quilt and some other things...

Its been such a long time, since I blogged, but, what can I say. Everything has already been said.
Here after all are two finished quilts.

One for me and one for a friend of mine from my gospel choir. It was a commission and I am so happy that it worked out and he loves his quilt.
He loves it so much, he even hides it from his cat when he is away. Please imagine that really, and I mean really big guy, covered in this quilt, sitting on his balkony in the evening, when the weather is bad... I find it just to cute.

Unfortunately I had to hurry to give it to him, so I just could make a few fast shots inside, I hope you can see the beauty. I quilted it at our sooo awesome Bee Germany quilt retreat in May. Ladies, once again I had a blast!
Here is a picture of the wonderful things we made.

At the retreat I also quilted this one, which I don´t know how to name, is this one a fancy fan quilt?? Yeah, why not- let me introduce you to "The Fancy Fan Quilt".

I am sleeping under this beauty for a few weeks now, except the nights, when temperature was over 27 degrees celsius at night, and it feels amazing.

This one is so fluffy and cosy. Makes me want to make another one. There are still two quilts waiting in line to be quilted. Sooner or later I am getting there.

At last I want to tell you about my lovely afternoon today. I went with a friend to her garden a bit outside of Berlin and we harvested some green walnuts. I climbed into the tree, and I really mean climbed. I so enjoyed it, as this is something I didn´t do for let us say 30 years?  It was such good fun. Now the walnuts all lay pricked in a water brine for the next days and in about two weeks I will pickle them with a malt vinegar/ herb mixture and at the end after a few months I will hopefully have these wonderfully delicious black walnuts, I once ate six years ago on my trip in Australia. I never had seen them before and was just so happy when I found a recipe and found out that my friend has a walnut tree in her garden.
Here is a link to a recipe, so that you know what I am talking about.
At the end of our nut picking afternoon we picked some wild flowers and this is the wonderful bouquet I brought home.
How such a short little trip, not to forget the stop at the lake where we ate some Solyanka, a soup which was often eaten in the GDR, how such  hours can make me feel like I was on holidays.
Thank you sunday!
I hope you had a good one, too!