Montag, 30. September 2013

The Double Wedding Ring Selvage Baby Quilt

A few weeks ago I sat in my "studio" wondering what to sew next. I saw my selvages and somehow came up with the idea of using them in a double wedding ring quilt pattern. I enjoyed the making and the result so much, that I went on and finished four blocks of it, the perfect size for a babyquilt.

Today I have my day of, and so I took my good camera and the cute quilt and drove to a  special sight at the edge of Berlin to the "Insel der Jugend" ("The isle of youth"). This little island surrounded by the River Spree is very special to me, as I went there every day a few years ago, when I was in the middle of a heavily depressed time. The calm, the sun and the water helped me to recover and because of the nice landscape I came back later for fashion- and now even for quilt-shootings. As I did today.

Unfortunately it was very windy and I forgot to bring all the tools which could have fixed the quilt to trees, railings, bushes etc.
Because of that I was quite afraid a few times and already imagined me jumping into the icecold and dirty water to get my lovely quilt out. Luckily me and the quilt arrived safely back home. With some nice pictures on the camera.

Here you can see them, be aware, there are many of them!

By the way, the pattern I used is from Aneela Hoeys Pickledish Quiltalong from 2010. Back then I made my first Queen sized quilt with this pattern.
As some recommended I will enter this quilt in the DWR Callenge hosted by the NYC MOD Quilt Guild. Who knows... :-)

Montag, 2. September 2013

Stupid Instagram and New Flickr

It is really a shame and a pity. Instagraming made me a very lazy blogger. And also I don´t feel as inspired by browsing flickr as I used to. And this is definitively not because the work shown is less amazing, but spending time on flickr is not as much fun as it was before they changed everything. I can`t even explain, what it is, I just don´t like it anymore.

And then today when I posted a work in progress picture of a quilt I am working on instagram, I noticed that it really made me sad that you couldn´t see the nice colours that these fabrics have and  so I decided to get out my good camera and for a day not to use the crappy phone camera.
The light outside is quite dark anyway, its fall here now.

One more reason to stay inside, making quilts and music. This is what I do on my free day, today.
So, long story short, here you go, see some pictures of my latest work in progress quilt. This is the first time I wanted to make a fall quilt. I chose a lot of greens and browns and some aquas and I think the result will definitively have a autumn feel to it.

By the way I am using my Singer featherweight for it, as my very fast other vintage singer machine had a break down a few weeks ago. Gotta go to the sewing machine doctor soon.
Yesterday I cleaned and oiled the featherweight and at first I didn´t have the feeling that it run better, but now I am quite satisfied.
This is it for today.
I wish you all a calm and peaceful week!