Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012

Little gadgets

Since I hiked the Overland Track in 2008 I wanted to do something similar wonderful. And the camino (the way of St. James) in spain seemed to be an alternative. It also has this spiritual feel to it, whichs totally appeals to me. When a friend of mine told me she is going to go a part of the way in July I said "oh I always wanted to do that". She asked me, why I wouldn´t come with her. And I asked myself "why wouldn´t I"?
So I checked the flights to Bilbao, booked one and now I am in. I am going the camino! Yeah. Well it is just a part of it, this time. We go for 8 days. From Pamplona to Burgos. That is 200 km (urgh!!!). But I can´t tell you how much I am looking forward doing it. As I didn´t go for a holiday last year, I need that so much. A change! I need a change, a new perspective on things. Not just work. I need walking.Just this.

Well and because I can´t imagine not doing any sewing project I prepaired something for on the way. It is a little hexything I prepaired, stylishly packed into a little purse. Here you go.Isn´t this the cutest thing ever?
Ok, when I finally will have packed my backback and it is way over 10 kg (23 pound) I may have to think of leaving it at home. But maybe it will be the extra pant i leave. Who need pants... right? ;-)
 What are your plans for summer? Do you go hiking? Swimming? Surfing? Whatever you do, have fun!!!

Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

HST Pillow

I started this project a while ago. I wanted it to be a quilt in the first place. But after a few of these 4 patch blocks I lost my mojo. I think it looks nice as a pillow aswell. I guess I am giving it into the shop.
 Thanks to Johanna who told me that the name of the font I was looking for is "Action Jackson". Now you see my watermarks on the pictures. I still have to figure out how to do it best, but for now I am quite happy.
No time to do more trying, I have to go to work now. Have a nice day!

Montag, 25. Juni 2012

Off Topic

I am thinking of watermarking my pictures. Therefor I am looking for the name of the font I used for the Berlinquilter Logo above. I made the banner with picnik and the font was from there. Now that picnik is gone, I don´t know how to find the font. So, maybe anyone knows the name of the font, and where I can get it? I would be so happy to know...
More soon!

Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt

Some quilts make me happier than others. A few days ago I finished a giant Star quilt.

  I really like it, but it doesn´t make me feel WOW inside. I think it will be a perfect picknick blanked for afternoons with friends in the park.

But this one makes me really smile. Its brightness and fun vintagy feeling is totally mine. And I really love the fact that I used spraps.
For example there is a little piece of purple owl fabric, which I bought in Australia 5 years ago. I remember my friend Caroline and me browsing Spotlight like crazy and then carrying fabris and notions into our campervan hugging and squeezing them with total love.
 I would be happiest person ever, if there were shops like this here in germany.
But back to the quilt. Every piece of fabric reminds me of something, and this makes it really special to me. A big YES for scrappy quilts!
So guys, enjoy your sunday,I definetely will!

Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012

Sweet Weels Quilt

I call it the Sweet Weels Quilt. It looks like a mixture from weels and from lolipops. Too cute, I wan´t to eat it.
After I´ve sewn the weels with a little help from my friend the "easy dresden ruler" by Darlene Zimmerman, I followed this tutorial to make my dresdens into some octagons. Then it was just so easy to add some hsts and make it into proper Blocks. I so loove the look. And because it is still too small to make it a big bed quilt, I will add three borders from yellow, aqua and tangerine fabric. That will look wonderful, I think. for the wholes in the dresdens, I prepared little paper pieced octagons, and after I finished these I noticed that they are way too small. But I have alittle idea for that, too. So the whole quilt is some experiment, which makes me smile.
And thats good, because I ´ve been in a little depressed mood recently...
Good that just a little work with fabric can cheer me up a little. I hope that always works for you, too.
Have a wonderful week. Mine will start very exciting, maybe I will tell you about that, soon...