Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

Scrappy Pinwheel - A Tutorial

Hi folks,
after some of you said YES for a tutorial for the Scrappy Pinwheel block, here it is.
This is the first tutorial I ever wrote (will write). I tried one for a quilt once and failed terribly. But this block is so easy to describe, it should be possible. And further on, just because I failed once, it doesn´t have to be that way for ever. Doesn´t it? It is the same as in life in general. If you fall, you should get up and go on.

But here it is, the Scrappy Pinwheel Tutorial

What  you need for one block:
- Several scraps in different colours and shapes, some strange odd pieces are super!
- A piece of backround fabric at least 10" by 10"
- 2 pieces of paper
- pencil, paper siccors, rotary cutter, cutting mat

For your templates draw an accurate square 6 1/2" by 6 1/2". Then draw the diagonals in the square and a half line into one of the triangles. Using the line as a reference draw a curve from one point to the other.

Now that you have your two shapes, copy them onto the second piece of paper (I use my window as a gigantic light box) and add a 1/4" seam allowance around them. Now you can cut them out. Done!

Take your pile of scraps and sew them randomly together. I didn´t even think about if the colours match, but I am sure it also look very nice if you make your pinwheels monochromatic.

 Don´t think while you are sewing, just enjoy that you don´t have to be so accurate (At least this is what I do!) If you want (I didn´t) you can cut back funny pieces of seamallowances on the backside.

After you have sewn some scraps together, check if your finished piece is already big enough for the template.

If yes, give it a very proper press.

Now you can lay your template onto the fabric and cut out the shape.

Repeat these steps until you have 4 of your shapes.

Now cut 4 of the opposite shapes from your backround fabric.

Lay the backround fabric onto the scrappy piece and sew the curves together. If you are not familiar with sewing curves, here is an easy tutorial.

After you finished the curve, give your fragment a proper press.

Repeat for the other three pieces.

Now that you have your four triangles, sew them together. Good job, you are nearly there!

Trim the still quite wonky block to your desired size. I trimmed mine 7" by 7".

Finished is your Scrappy Pinwheel Block.

I hope you liked this tutorial. Enjoy sewing!

Yours Miriam

Montag, 27. Mai 2013

Scrappy Pinwheel Block

Yesterday at our meeting from the Berlin Modern Quilt Guild after I tried out Pojagi, I found the time to work on some more of my scrappy pinwheel blocks which I told you about in my last post.

Today is my day off and after I relaxed in my newly rearanged living room, reading a book, snuggeling under a quilt, having a hot tea, I finished 9  7" pinwheel blocks. I think this would be a decent size for a new pillow cover.

I extremely like how it looks. Even as decoration on my wall.

I think about writing a tutorial for the block, would you fancy that?

Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

This and That

I feel that my quilt making mojo is gone for a little while now. Unfortunately I don´t feel the "need" to make a new quilt (maybe because nearly everybody around me who has a special place in my heart already has a quilt from me and the pile of mine is already huge like a house). So I just did little things, like the baby quilt I finshed recently, or the bag for our german swap. The bag that was made for me unfortunately didn´t turn up yet. It seems that it might got lost on its way. Buhuuu I am really sad about that.
But on the other side from not beeing so inspired I need to do something, when I cannot go swing dancing or singing, which fills my life quite tremendously at the moment. Not to forget that computer addiction which worries me  recently. So back to sewing, thats much better than spending hours in front of a energy stealing big screen (Do you know this feeling?).

So what did I do?

First there is a medallion quilt which hangs on my design wall for a little while now, unfortunately I can´t show pictures, I didn´t take some yet and today the weather was so extremely terrible cold and dark -no chance for photos.
Yesterday very late in the evening I finally tried something that was in my head for some months now. I made a scrappy pinwheel block.   

It could look like that as whole quilt:

Or the other way around.

These two blocks paired together could look like this.

Oh this playing with the mosaic maker is fun and inspiring!
I love working with the scraps, I don´t have to use my precious stash. And it is such a good feeling when they are used .

 And there is my collaboration with the Bee Germany ladies who also help me to get rid of my growing scraps stash. I asked them to make some tumbling blocks block for me. There are still arriving at my house and I also added some similar blocks to ad some interest, but I am not so sure about it yet. Sorry for the blurry photo.

So this is what is in da house. Let´s see what happens next. I am excited.

Montag, 20. Mai 2013

A Mid Mod Houses Baby Quilt

In January 2010 the first baby of my dear friend Caroline was born. For this wonderful event I made her a quilt. It was the first quilt I ever made. Here you can see it in all its beauty.
Last week, about three and a half years later her second child was born. For sure I had to make a new quilt for Toni the new boy on town. What a lucky coincident that I still had the cute Mid Mod Houses Blocks in my drawer which where made by the talented bees  of the Bee Germany back in 2011.
So this morning I started to put them together.

I absolutely adore this quilt. I think even later when the baby  boy is to big to fit under it, the quilt can be used for playing.
And because I never want to let one child neglected, the big sister who is the cutest todler I know, will get a dollquilt made from one leftover block. I hope the kids and the parents like my gift. I definitely do.

Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

Swap*pen auf Deutsch

We did it again! Aylin organized the second round of Swap*pen auf Deutsch. This time we are swapping  totes. Because I am going on a trip to turkey soon, I finished the tote for my secret swap partner very early.

I used the free Charlie Bag pattern from the Burdastyle website.  Already two  of these bags have been made by me and I love the pattern. The shape gives you so much possibilities to alter and "embellish" the bag. For the bottom I used some nice velvet leather because it gives you more durability. I really love this version. I almost hope my partner doesn´t like it, so I can keep it. ;-)

Inside there is one open pocket for the things you have to reach quickly and easily.

 And one zipperpocket for the more valuable stuff.  This is it for now, I wish you all a sunny sunday!