Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

Tiny packages...

I have to say, when I met Julia last Sunday and she told me, that she irons her scraps, I had a little inner smile and asked myself if this is really necessary....
But I can say now: it is!! If I ever want to use my scraps again.
Maybe not really necessary but totally helpful and even inspiring.

I felt a little bored an hour ago and was wondering what to do, so I grabbed my two scrap bags and started ironing...
Then I sorted them after colours. Well the next step would be to sort them after the size... but here I stopped. Enough alignment...
Now I have these tiny, tiny little packages and if there were´nt this, this and this project on which I am working currently, I would start a scrapbuster project. I could make another mug rug in this style for example
or some scrappy pillow covers or some cute pincushions.
Oh, so many possibilities and so less time...
What are you guys working on at the moment?

5 Kommentare:

  1. I just love how the sail is only attached at the mast on the sailboat. This is so creative and such a great use of your scraps (did you use scraps for this?). Great job!

  2. Thanks Susan,
    I could have used some scraps, but I didn´t think about it. I had some jelly roll strips left for the mug rug...

  3. That is too cute! Did you have a pattern? or was that something you came up with yourself? I love the sailboat on the waves.

  4. Thank you!
    No I had no pattern. I wanted to make a wave with this traditional snails trail pattern and thought about adding the sailboat...

  5. i had to smile :).
    your mug rug design is GORGEOUS...just love it!
    puts me under pressure to get going with mine...if only i had a good idea...:)