Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011

Another commission Baby Quilt

A friend of a friend of a friend.... is having a baby in two months. She saw some of the babyquilts I made for my shop on facebook and came to buy one. But unfortunately none of the designs suited her totally, so we talked about a design and I showed her my fabrics. She chose the carrots and peas fabric I had, because she liked the vintage appeal and the bright colours. I decided to do an easy pattern, as the fabric somehow speeks for itself, and it couldn´t be too compicated.
The couple found a cool vintage baby stroller from the seventies on ebay. It is bright green, the quilt will perfectly go with it. Ican´t wait to see them all together, the stroller, the quilt and of course the baby and the happy couple.
Now there are just about 4-5 Quilt tops waiting to be finished, basted and quilted. But there are so many more Quilts I want to make. I think I really have to finish some before I go on...
How many unfinished quilts do you have???

3 Kommentare:

  1. Ach, mir geht's genau so. In meinem Kopf sind mindestens zehn und schon angefangen habe ich aktuell 4. Dazu kommen 2 Auftragsquilts, oh je. ich habe früher nie verstanden, was mit Ufo's gemeint war - die Zeiten sind vorbei! Lieben Gruß, Dorothee

  2. You're baby quilt is beautiful!! I like the idea of a Seventies stroller! I , too have many, many quilt tops and even more ideas. I just said this morning that I'm going to start quilting them. I think I'm nervous about quilting because I'm not very good. But everyone says it's just practice. In fact I'm going to go and start now! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. don't ask :-)
    Love the babyquilt, sometimes simple is the best