Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012

Little gadgets

Since I hiked the Overland Track in 2008 I wanted to do something similar wonderful. And the camino (the way of St. James) in spain seemed to be an alternative. It also has this spiritual feel to it, whichs totally appeals to me. When a friend of mine told me she is going to go a part of the way in July I said "oh I always wanted to do that". She asked me, why I wouldn´t come with her. And I asked myself "why wouldn´t I"?
So I checked the flights to Bilbao, booked one and now I am in. I am going the camino! Yeah. Well it is just a part of it, this time. We go for 8 days. From Pamplona to Burgos. That is 200 km (urgh!!!). But I can´t tell you how much I am looking forward doing it. As I didn´t go for a holiday last year, I need that so much. A change! I need a change, a new perspective on things. Not just work. I need walking.Just this.

Well and because I can´t imagine not doing any sewing project I prepaired something for on the way. It is a little hexything I prepaired, stylishly packed into a little purse. Here you go.Isn´t this the cutest thing ever?
Ok, when I finally will have packed my backback and it is way over 10 kg (23 pound) I may have to think of leaving it at home. But maybe it will be the extra pant i leave. Who need pants... right? ;-)
 What are your plans for summer? Do you go hiking? Swimming? Surfing? Whatever you do, have fun!!!

2 Kommentare:

  1. One day I would love to walk the Camino. I have a friend that went alone, to celebrate her 50th birthday and did the entire trail. The most I've walked recently is 60 km in two days (to raise money for women's cancer)...but with no back pack!! I know you will have an amazing time with your friend. Enjoy it.

  2. This is a dream of me too! I am so curious of what you tell after!!!
    Enjoy it!!! And leave your pants ;-)