Samstag, 2. März 2013

The Quilt that catches the sun

 Berlin (and complete germany) had the dullest and darkest winter in 43 years. I think I remember that I´ve seen the sun in december for the last time. Until yesterday. Suddenly the sun came out, like an unknown object in the sky.And today it is even brighter. OMG how I missed the sun. Some of my friends and me included struggled depressed moods, our body just need some sun!
As soon as the temperature rises just a little bit, tables at restaurants and cafes are put outside, people wrapped in fleece blankets (unfortunately not quilts, imagine how beautiful that would look...), sit there drinking coffee chatting and turning their faces towards the sun. I caught myself yesterday, with closed eyes faced to the warm light, while I was waiting at the traffic lights.
It is just wonderful to see the sun again.
And of course I had to make use of it and take some colourful shots of my latest finish (two more quilts to go,yeah!).

Here you see the scrappy trips quilt that I started in january. I like it a lot, it is possible that this will become the next "sitting on the kitchen window sill in the sun every morning having a coffee quilt".

 I did some fun quilting on it. After I quilted  the tablerunner for my mother this way, I wanted to do it again, but thought it would be faster (yes I think like that, I admit!) to make it in a bigger size. So here it is.

 Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the complete back, but I hope you will have an idea what it looks like.

 So this is it. I am happy to start into this sunny day, the weather forecast says it is going to be spring soon. MORE THAN NECESSARY!
I hope you have a sunny day, too!

10 Kommentare:

  1. Yes, that would be great! Sitting outside of a cafe
    with a colorful quilt (like this one!)...
    Have a SUNNY day!
    Car o

  2. Ist der schön geworden!!
    The quilting is gorgeous.

  3. What a wonderful picture you painted with this post. My morning here in central California is sunny and clear, complete with birds chirping, a very hungry hummingbird flitting about and daffodils and paperwhites blooming. Yet, even with that, you have made my day brighter and made me want to turn my face to the sun. Thank you!

  4. P.S. Your scrappy trip along looks beautiful....sunny, indeed!

  5. Der ist wirklich schön geworden !
    Und wir sind hier wirklich mehr als bereit für den Frühling :-)

  6. I love how the scrappy trip alongs turn out ~ yours is gorgeous!

  7. I do that too when the sun starts peeking out again in spring, stand there with my eyes closed, head tilted towards the sun. My husband called me his beautiful sunflower when he saw me doing it; he's so sappy sometimes.

    I love the quilting you did on this. When I finally get around to making one, I'll have to borrow that idea.