Montag, 22. April 2013

Paparazzi Bees in Berlin

This weekend we had our wonderful meeting of the Bee Germany in Berlin (How practical, just around the corner from my house). But anyway it was like a short holiday either, as we spend most of the time inside our nice appartement, which Aylin rented for the bees to sleep, eat and sew in. It was a blast meeting most of the nice ladies from the bee and next meetings are already in planning.

I also got some sewing done. I finished two bee blocks first, so that I would have a relaxed mind for the project to come. And hell´ya need a relaxed mind. I chose to make the paparazzi bag by Sara from sew sweetness.

It has a gazillion pattern pieces from fabric, interfaces and foam. And the sewing took ages.
I finished it today and have to add that I am quite inpatience and so don´t worry to much if you want to make one. It is a lot of fun aswell.

The funny thing about the process or lets more say the material,is that I could get a special stuff which should be inside. I was in a hurry and tried to find a replacement. So I went to the hardware store and finally I found something, what I thought could be used. It replaces the "By Annie soft and Stable" and is like a blanket with a rubber side which is  normally  used to put under a tablecloth. I worked awesome! Now the bag has this stable finish what I absolutely love!

The result is really rewarding. I like my paparazzi bag so much already allthough it hasn´t seen the camera yet. She (the camera) is not here at the moment, but tomorrow I will put her in her new home.

Besides the sewing of many projects (see some posts about it here, here and here) there was of course a lot of fun talking, eating and a tiny bit of drinking, too.

I had a fun weekend thanks ladies! I hope yours was also nice. And your week will be,too.
Take Care!

6 Kommentare:

  1. Genial, sie ist echt schon fertig... Bei mir ist ja nun mein neuer Blog dazwischen gekommen, so dass ich hoffentlich am WE weiter machen kann.
    Besonders Innen sieht die Tasche echt grandios mit den dicken Polstern aus - coole Fototasche!!!

    1. Danke Dir! Zuerst hab ich die Polster hochkannt reingesteckt und mich gefragt, was soll das denn, die Tasche geht gar nicht mehr zu. Dann erst hab ich verstanden, daß sie quer und leicht gebogen hineinkommen...

  2. Schade, dass ich nicht Deine Schwester bin... dann koennte ich jetzt sagen: "mach mir auch so eine!" Ist super geworden, die Muehe hat sich gelohnt!

    1. Danke Dir! Ich find sie auch echt schön. Bin fast ein bißchen angefixt bald wieder so eine komplizierte Tasche zu nähen. Wenn nur das viele Schneiden nicht wäre.

  3. Die ist superschön geworden. Genau mein Geschmack! :)