Freitag, 21. Juni 2013

About Creativity

I have been working on a new quilt in the last couple of days. And I am so pleased!!! It is a totally new style for me and I am planning on making it even more flowery, flirty, girly. My inspiration came from the book Material Obsession Two, which I purchased recently.

After I was, and partly still am, in such a sad mood, I noticed once again how much it helps to put my energy in the creative process of patchwork and quilting. I once heard, that creative people often have tendencies to depression, or is it the other way around? Is the creativity one way out of the depression. For me it definitely is.
But one question pops into my mind then, is this working on something another way to hide before the sadness? Is it the way to avoid "being sad"?
Well anyway, at the moment it is my way to go through this time and I think there are worse things I could do.
Yesterday evening there was a huge thunderstorm here in Berlin. I soooo enjoyed that. I sat on my window sill, watched the flash lights coming closer, I listened to the wind going through the trees in the back yard, I felt the first drops of rain on my heated skin, and in the backround I heard "hallelujah".It was amazing. In these minutes, before the heavy rain set in, I felt so great and yet so small watching and feeling this nature power, listening to music which is such an important thing in my life. And then I knew, sadness will go away and it will come back... and it will go away again. This is how my life is and ever was. And it is ok. This is who I am. For me it is about how to learn to love me anyway. In every mood, in every state in every moment. I am working on that.  And in the end... I am doing a good job with it.

8 Kommentare:

  1. Beautiful work.
    I find creativity is a welcome distraction from sadness, be easy on yourself *Hugs*

  2. Das wird so schön. Ja, Kreativität lenkt auf jeden Fall ab... Bis Sonntag :)

  3. What a beautiful quilt! Lovely colors. I think being creative helps you work through the sadness, or at least it does that for me.

  4. I don´t think it´s avoiding. I see it as your choice of putting your energy into something productive, something that makes you obviously happy instead of letting sadness take all that energy from you.
    My friends don´t understand it sometimes when I start another quiltproject especially at a time of the year when I´m all stressed out already. But I found that creativity/quilting is what keeps me sane and balanced. I guess that´s true for many people.
    P.S. Awesome quilt! :)

  5. Wenn dir kreativ sein hilft, aus einem Tief zu kommen, dann sei's einfach und hinterfrage es nicht.....wenn es einem schlecht geht, sollte man das tun, was einem gut tut. Life isn't always straight forward, it has its ups and downs thats how it is....lg bjmonitas

  6. For me it's a lovely distraction and something that brings some joy in amongst the sadness. No replacing but just working along side. You've made a lovely quilt and thank you for sharing yourself with such beautiful honesty.

  7. It has worked for me as distraction. And I think there is nothing wrong with distraction. You need it sometimes, and while you're quilting another time your thougts will go to what you made sad. And that will be allright too.
    I like you're liking yourself even when you're sad!
    And I like thuntherstorms too. For a long time I was afraid of them, but now I admire them

  8. Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing your thoughts. Sewing, piecing, quilting is a source of joy for me. I'm currently working on Sarah's Dotty Dresden from Material Obsession cover. Hugs from Oklahoma. Cecilia :)