Sonntag, 4. August 2013

Tumbling Blocks Quilt

Over this early summer I collected scrappy tumbling blocks from the lovely Bees of the Bee Germany and the Bee Europa.

In my quite excessive  production mood recently I worked on some projects and also on this quilt.

It is finished now (when I took this photo a few moments ago, it was still damp from the washing machine). But this is it. I like it a lot. It reminds  me a lot of the scrappy trips quilt I made earlier this year. It might be because of the colours I have in my stash and I tend to use.

So, but I have to admit, that I am done with y-seams for a while now. The quilts I made recently is this  one, this and now this, gace me enough of them!

You can call me the Queen of Y-Seams, just do it! And I am going to straight lines.
Have a wonderful sunday everybody.

Size: 45" x 62"
Backed with a lovely IKEA print
Bound with Mod Century by Jenn Ski - Leaves on grey

17 Kommentare:

  1. Lovely! The way you added the stripes of grey diamonds on each side gives the quilt a very sharp look. Fantastic! Congrats on the finish.

  2. der ist super geworden, ganz, ganz toll!! Und ja, du bist dann wohl die Königin der Y-Nähte :-) Schönen Sonntag noch!

  3. Wow, da hat sich die Schufterei bei der Bullen-Hitze ja wirklich gelohnt - ganz toll geworden!

  4. Awesome quilt, Miriam! By now I'd let go of those Y seams too! LOL I love the backing fabric too.

  5. Der ist ja wirklich wunderschön geworden!!

  6. Yes, you deserve a break from y-seams! I love this scrappy quilt and the way you bordered it. A great finish!

  7. Wow, der ist richtig schön geworden :) Schön, ein kleiner Teil davon zu sein.

  8. der sieht klasse aus, so schön fröhlich!

  9. This is gorgeous! I just love the mix of colors. I also love the white borders up the sides and the way the pops of colors in the binding. You've made me want one just like it!

  10. Ein toller Quilt und ein scheinbar toller Hinterhof.
    Prima Fotos.


  11. Just beautiful. Your work is amazing!

  12. Gaaanz toll!!! Und ich finde ja immer Quilts und Menschen wirken am Besten draußen in der Natur. Oder an einer Mauer :-)

  13. This is really beautiful! I love the colours and you must have had SO much patience for all those y seams!

  14. Ooh, das ist aber ein ganz toller Quilt :-)

  15. Absolutely beautiful! I love the vibrant colours you chose for your quilt.
    Lovely photo shoot too.