Sonntag, 17. Januar 2016

Good Hair Day fabric blog Hop

Hi Lovely people!

I might be a little bit late but I wish you all the greatest things for this new year! I had a great 2015 and 2016 will be even better!

Today it is my turn at the Good Hair Day blog hop and I have something special for you: 
I was so honored to play with the newest fabric collection of the fabulous Kim Anderson again. Good Hair day. How great is the name? I wish every day would be a good hair day. But as we all know- it isn´t like this always. 
So why not cheering you up on a bad hair day with some Good Hair Day fabric  and making something awesome with it. Like the fun quilt I made?

It is called "Braids Quilt". 
I don´t have a proper pattern for you this time but I wipped up a quick tutorial for you on how to construct the braids. Then you decide how long you want the braid to be. 

For a braid segment like this you will need:

1  6" square of your backround fabric

2  6" squares of both of your braids fabrics
2  5" squares of both of your braids fabrics


Cut two of your 6" braids fabric squares diagonally.

Cut the other two 6"  braids fabric squares diagonally twice (as shown on the picture)

Cut your 6" backround fabric square diagonally twice (as shown on the picture)

Arrange your pieces like this:

First sew together the smaller triangles. Iron the seam allowances to the darker side. 

Then sew together the pieced triangles with the bigger triangles. At this point I like to chainpiece them all together. Just be careful not to get confused.  The  triangles which are not pieced are slightly bigger than the pieced ones. Don´t worry you are going to trim them later. After you have sewn all your triangles together, iron the seam allowances to the  bigger triangle. 

Now trim your pieced squares  to a 5" square. Arrange them with your 5" squares as shown below.

Now sew them all together. Iron your seam allowances to the squares which are not pieced. 

Voila you have made a braid segment.  Now you can repeat the whole process as often as you want and create your very own braids quilt.

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial, if you have any questions don´t hesitate to ask in the comments.
As you can sew below, there are still two days of Good Hair Day greatness left. So go on enjoying all the patterns, ideas and tutorials.
And don´t forget to get yourself some Good Hair Days. :-)

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  1. Thanks for the great tutorial for the braid quilt!

  2. The wait was worth it!!! This is an awesome design and thanks for the tutorial... It is much easier than I expected!!!

  3. Miriam, Danke for the braid quilt tutorial. It's very cold here today in the USA so I'm inside sifting thru patterns to make a table runner for my daughter. The Braid Quilt is perfect.

  4. Thanks (danke!) for the great tutorial. I've never seen this method of making braids.

  5. I love this! Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. I love your braid and its cool how you made it start too....ty for

  7. lovely braid quilt! I've tried to figure this out before. Thanks for sharing your method!

  8. thanks for sharing your method!

  9. Cute quilt! Thank you for the tutorial.

  10. A very pretty quilt! I love your design. Great location for a photo shoot too!
    LG, Karen

  11. Sieht super aus! Direkt zum Ausprobieren abgespeichert!!!
    Liebe Grüße
    Marit von Tag für Tag