Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

Blog Difficulties

I just started this blog. I already have another one about my shop and my work as a fashion designer, but I have to say I never gave much about the designing of the blog because I am not very good with computer stuff. Now I spent about two hours to find a way to upload a nice photo of one of my favorite quilts for the header and it didn´t work. For now it is enough! Why shouldn´t I use these cute backrounds and possibilities blogger offers?

So better lets talk about quilting:
As a quilting beginner I want to try a few patterns which interest me and hopefully later make some patterns and figure new things out. But until then I can show you the quilts I made and I am really happy with.
I finished the binding of this "dissapearing ninepatch block" quilt while I was working on a community/art market yesterday.

It will be a gift for my nephews birthday in three weeks. He is turning 8 and I really hope that he won´t think that he is too old for a "blanket".
Anyways - I love it. I used some "wheels" fabric from Riley Blake.
The back is made from an Ikea cotton which I had on my stash for years.

I quilted it with wavy lines and I really like how it came out.

This is it for today,
it is grey in Berlin Germany, but I send you a sunny salute,

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  1. no one is ever too old for a quilt made with love! i think he will cherish it! beautiful colors!