Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011

Up to a new work week

As I wrote in the last post, I had some days of and I just closed my eyes for a second - the days are over.
But that doesn´t matter. I have the feeling that I got much things done and one the other side so many things happened that inspired me extremely for the upcoming time. There will be a big change in my life, I don´t want to write about it until it is absolutely sure, but with this in mind I can go on with my work much more happy and inspired than the last months.
I will tell you soon...

I also managed to finish some things of the list from last post:
This is the finally finished Kaleidoscope Quilt top. I absolutely love it, and it is so big, that I think I am going to go with a simpe solid fabric for the back.No more piecing. I have two blocks left, maybe these will go into one or two pillows, we´ll see.

Here you can see two blocks I made for Julia in the Bee Germany. She asked for the circle of geese block and a block of our choice. I decided on a block with the most important thing in life: LOVE

Further on I put together the blocks of my month of the bee Europa, which were inspired by a fiftiish painting by an artist I found on flickr. I won´t show it until it is finished, I need some more blocks, as it will be a curtain for my appartement door and is still not big enough.

And I made a cute little block for Ceri in the Bee Europa aswell. She asked for a block with a flower for a quilt for her daughter. I made something 3Dish as I know that little hands like to touch and feel things. I hope they both like it.
I didn´t piece my snails trail blocks. I am waiting for the last two, but I don´t mind, as there are enough other things on the worktable....
Ok thats it girls. I will spent the rest of the evening listening to the Parlotones, one of my favorite bands, their songs are melancholic but at the same time strong, that they make me happy and optimistic when I hear them...
Take Care!

4 Kommentare:

  1. Your Kaleidoscope Quilt looks wonderful! Great job. :)

  2. Der Kaleidoskope Quilt ist sooo toll geworden, der kommt auch auf meine to-do-Liste. Wäre es meiner, ich würde nur bewundernd davor sitzen. ;-)

  3. Such a nice kaleidoscope! Congrats!

  4. Hi Miriam, can't believe you have been quilting for a year. I loved your work on Amy's blog. Keep up the good work.