Montag, 21. Januar 2013

A "scrap vomit" wanna be

Juhu!!! I am getting some quilts done. It really started to overwhelm  me, so I had to get some finished. Here is number one:

 The quilt who wanted to become a scrap vomit when grown up. While making it and combining the scraps I had on hand, I noticed that I don´t like it at all. The colours where lame together and there was definetely missing something. Pink.

 And in general I noticed that I start being into pink recently. The funny thing is, that I have a lot of pink fabric in my stash, but don´t use them in my quilts very often. Maybe in the future I will.
Anyway, because of the lack of colour, I cut some strips and sashed the blocks. I think this is really cute now. This babysized quilt will be in my shop, soon. No babygirls around at the moment to give it away.

I know that it is not just me having the "problem" of not finishing up my quilttops. Do you, too?
How many unfinished quilts do you have lying around?
I think here there are still 3 tops. So I better get quilting.

5 Kommentare:

  1. Love the scrap vomit quilt! What is the backing fabric - looks fab with it!! Yay for you for getting another one done!

    1. Thank you very much. The backing is a bed sheet from ikea which they had a few years ago.

  2. Das willst Du nicht wirklich wissen, wieviele UFOs ich habe, oder? Ich glaube, man kann es noch an zwei Händen abzählen... Ahem... Schön ist er geworden, Dein Restequilt. Mit pink hab ich's nicht so, aber das Sashing paßt super zu den Quadratblöcken. Super! Schönes Muster!

  3. Hey, wieder mal wunder-wunderschön!!
    das rosa, herrlich!!

  4. Hi, I LOVE the pink - it really looks great - plus the backing!! Someone is gonna snap that up straight away I'm sure.