Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

This and That

I feel that my quilt making mojo is gone for a little while now. Unfortunately I don´t feel the "need" to make a new quilt (maybe because nearly everybody around me who has a special place in my heart already has a quilt from me and the pile of mine is already huge like a house). So I just did little things, like the baby quilt I finshed recently, or the bag for our german swap. The bag that was made for me unfortunately didn´t turn up yet. It seems that it might got lost on its way. Buhuuu I am really sad about that.
But on the other side from not beeing so inspired I need to do something, when I cannot go swing dancing or singing, which fills my life quite tremendously at the moment. Not to forget that computer addiction which worries me  recently. So back to sewing, thats much better than spending hours in front of a energy stealing big screen (Do you know this feeling?).

So what did I do?

First there is a medallion quilt which hangs on my design wall for a little while now, unfortunately I can´t show pictures, I didn´t take some yet and today the weather was so extremely terrible cold and dark -no chance for photos.
Yesterday very late in the evening I finally tried something that was in my head for some months now. I made a scrappy pinwheel block.   

It could look like that as whole quilt:

Or the other way around.

These two blocks paired together could look like this.

Oh this playing with the mosaic maker is fun and inspiring!
I love working with the scraps, I don´t have to use my precious stash. And it is such a good feeling when they are used .

 And there is my collaboration with the Bee Germany ladies who also help me to get rid of my growing scraps stash. I asked them to make some tumbling blocks block for me. There are still arriving at my house and I also added some similar blocks to ad some interest, but I am not so sure about it yet. Sorry for the blurry photo.

So this is what is in da house. Let´s see what happens next. I am excited.

3 Kommentare:

  1. Ich will ja gar nicht wisse, wie das ist, wenn das Mojo da ist, wenn Du solche tollen Sachen waehrend einer Durststrecke hinkriegst! Den Pinwheel-Block finde ich super!

  2. Ich stimme Kerstin zu - dafür das dir dein Quilt-Mojo abhanden gekommen ist, sind die gezeigten Sachen außerordentlich! Den Scrapy-Pinwheel-Block finde ich in Kombination auf dem ersten Mosaik ganz spannend- gefällt mir sehr gut!

  3. Der Pinwheel Block sieht echt toll aus. Wirklich schön!
    Wenn mein Sewing Mojo weg ist, passiert hier gar nichts. Also bist Du im Vorteil. Aber auch ich habe gerade die Tage festgestellt, daß ich auch nicht zig Quilts nähen werde. Ich habe angefangene hier liegen, Muster, wo die Stoffe auch hier liegen und so blockiert für eine andere Verwendung sind. Dabei habe ich kürzlich (mal wieder) festgestellt, wieviel Spaß es macht, in den Stoffkisten zu wühlen, 2-3 Stoffe zusammenzuwürfeln und daraus etwas kleines Erfreuendes zu nähen, was nicht so ewig braucht... Du bist also nicht allein bei der Feststellung.