Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

Hot Stuff!

Hey Folks,
I wasn´t here for a longer time, I won´t apologize, but wanted to let you know that I joined instagram recently (as @berlinquilter ) and I have to admit, this keeps me away from blogging more regularly.
I´ll see what happens in the future. But for today I can show you a little something I finished this morning, right in time before I went off to the lake. We had the hottest day today and this was the only place where I could stay today. Tonight the weather forecast says we will have a huge thunderstorm, I can´t wait for this!!!
But back to quilting things.
I had asked the lovely bees from the Bee Germany and the Bee Europa for scrappy tumbling blocks. As they kept and still keep coming, I had enough for a generous sized couch quilt. I added a border of tumbling blocks all made from the same fabric combinations and think I like the outcome of it.

When there wouldn´t be a little problem with my sewing machine I would like to quilt it right away, to have my first finish (for me) in months.  But as I said there is a sewing machine problem. When I quilted this commission quilt recently the machine started to sew slower and faster and slower as it wanted. And sometimes, and THAT was spooky it even sew when I wasn´t even touching it. I already brought it to the sewing machine repair and had to order a new footpedal. So now freemotion quilting for me until its there.

4 Kommentare:

  1. Hoffentlich ist Deine Nähmaschine bald wieder da.
    Der Quilt sieht schon sehr vielversprechend aus. Es (und das Kissen von sunsetsewing) inspiriert mich, den Block auch auszuprobieren.

  2. Gorgeous quilt! Although bad news about the sewing machine, hopefully you will get it fixed soon.

  3. Der ist richtig schön,wunderbar scrappy,tolles Muster und dann noch die schwarz -graue Einfassung.Manchmal passt einfach alles.