Samstag, 12. März 2011

The best recipe for a bad mood...

I had a tough time the last two weeks. I am sure everybody knows these times. There are things and circumstances which keep you in this mood and everyday is a struggle. I always try to find ways to let these feelings go and most of the time I can manage it. I think I am a quite positive person. But the last time I really had difficulties to stay positive. It already started in the morning. But two days ago I found the best recipe. I am not the very religious person, but a few weeks ago I started to sing in Berlins biggest Gospel Choir. And so I found out the other morning that the combination of quilting/patchworking and Gospelmusic (listening and singing) is the absolute salvation for me. I started feeling confident and positive again, I had the feeling that as long as I can create,sing and somehow believe, everything will be alright.It gave me strength! I am really grateful for that!

So, long talking, here is one thing I did for pimping my mood.Maybe I can call it the Good Mood Floor Pillow!


  1. glad you're feeling better. singing makes me feel better too. these days it's mostly children's songs (i like the Veggie tales), but anything can work, right?
    i love your floor pillow.

  2. i'm glad you found something to lift your mood.
    the pillow is beautiful!